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  1. Nico your Champions League run is very similar to the one I had in S2 when I was playing on fm18! I also beat Liverpool (in the group stage) and ended up playing Man City in the quarters. The first leg went pretty good. Unfortunately in the 2nd leg it all went a bit wrong and they overturned the 4-1 deficit, winning 4-0 and going through on away goals. Was pretty heartbreaking considering that I would have played Inter in the semis, who I had already beat once in the group stage! Anyway, onto FM19. Two games in, two easy wins and two clean sheets. Playing with trans
  2. I had a great game with Marseille on fm18, was playing it up until last week but just couldn't reach PSG at the top, felt like I had taken them as far as I could. So perfect timing to try again with FM19 now! The first couple of seasons I played Payet as a false 9 a lot, which I'll try out on my new save too I'm sure, although Mitroglou seems to be more suited to a DLF role on this one so he's gonna be my starting CF in a 4-5-1 for now, Allez L'OM!
  3. If SI are working on reducing more injuries, would that be the sort of fix that could be save game compatible, or is it more likely a new save game would be required once it's tweaked?
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