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  1. Hi, thanks for getting in touch. I have uploaded files: NK Majšperk.fm NK Majsperk 2.fmf Slovenia leagues by claassen.fmf The NK Majsperk 2 editor file is the file in which I've created the team, the Slovenia leagues by claassen file is the slovenian league expansion that I also used in my save.
  2. Yes, I am playing with the team that I have created in the editor.
  3. I've got some trouble with FM 19. I am playing in Slovenian second league, with a club that I have created in fm editor. 1st problem is when I play home matches there are no crowd in the stands, but there is crowd sound. But there are fans on the stands when I play away games. 2nd problem is that I can't choose numbers for my player and they get 1 to 11 in the starting 11 and subs nubmers from 12 to 19. This is for the whole league but even if i changed it in editor the same problem, i think there is a bug with that.
  4. There are no crowd in the stands in my home games, but the crowd is on the away grounds. I have all the graphics on very high.
  5. I doesn't even have the Numbers option in the players dropdown menu and there is no number next to the player name on top as is in other leagues
  6. I can't change squad numbers for my players, when the game starts numbers are assinged from 1 to 11 for starters and 12 to 18 to bench players. The league is Slovenian 2nd league, the number can be changed in 1st league and in 3rd league which need to be downloadable as is not playable. Please help me how can I enable changing the numbers at the start of the season in 2nd league.
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