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  1. Thank you! I just got a new update on steam that removed unhappiness from lacking midfielders (you guys work fast...)! I also have a question about players wanting new contracts and a question about training unhappiness (plz help) How long after you stop individual training that was causing unhappiness, or add training that players want to do more, does it take for the "Had felt the individual training he had been assigned was not producing any results" and "Had thought his training unit was not getting enough attention" go away? I neglected my defensive core earlier in the season and now they won't stop being upset, Is it normal for so many people in my squad to want a new contract? Even N'Zonzi, Coric and Olsen who are on their first season have pre-concerns about this...
  2. wait, do you mean the opposite lol I have a lot of central midfielders and not enough defensive/attacking midfielders? In general, do you require 2 3 star+ players in each player slot for in your trained tactics for the players to not be concerned about depth?
  3. Hello, I'm having the same problem with Roma: currently have Midfield Depth listed as strength No.5. with De Rossi, Cristante, Pellegrini, N'zonzi, and Pastore all all as 3-3.5 stars or more in MC and De Rossi and N'Zonzi as 3.5 stars in DMC. Is there a bug caused by Cristante still not being fully transferred in the first season? Or maybe I also recently started trying out a new formation with 1 AMC and in my team depth chart I only have Pastore 3.5 stars, Coric and Cristante as 2.5 stars and the rest as 2 or below? (even though Coric has a Serie A and ECC Avg rating above 7)
  4. Is it possible to include an option (maybe pithing the Training > Rest page) that the automatic intensity is set to match the physiotherapist recommendation? If i'm not mistaken the physiotherapist suggestion is based on more than just condition so that would be very helpful c:
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