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  1. Anyone working on anything like this: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1589195847 ? Found it on Steam and thought I'd struck gold, but it refuses to appear in my game. I've subscribed a couple of times, restarted the game and steam a few times and it just won't show. Thanks!
  2. Second this on a Britain/Ireland league structure... Someone usually gets around to doing it, but would be cool to know it's in the works.
  3. Is there a way of applying Bilbao-type signing/transfer rules to other clubs? For example could Aston Villa be made to only sign players from the West Midlands, or for Chelsea it would be players from London... however the game breaks down club location? Would this have to be done individually for every club or would a database be achievable where a rule like this was global? I tend to do youth development saves, so I can keep my own policy in check, but it would be cool to widen it out to see how other clubs get on in the game. I also like the idea of a no-transfers-allowed database, but I've heard that clubs being taken over by new owners can upset this and wipe out any embargoes - Similar idea to the region specific rules, but a bit more of a challenge.
  4. Most saves I do are focused around youth development so Bilbao are a team I regularly go to. Loved your progress. I'm mid way through my first season though and Aduriz couldn't hit a barn door with a banjo. He got a goal in the cup but that's it. I've alternated him between pressing forward and target man, lone striker and with Williams beside him and nothing is working. Wonder if it was just a beta anomaly or I'm doing something different I didn't spot. Ended up abandoning the 4-1-2-3 type Gegenpress tactic and going 4-3-1-2.
  5. I've had mixed results. Played a Villa save and really struggled, couldn't get a settled formation and players that should have been tearing up the league were useless. Scarily close to real life unfortunately as a Villa fan. Sacked that off and started a journeyman save unemployed. Hired at Loughgall in NI, bottom of the Championship 2/3 of the way through the season. Saved them from relegation on the last day, but had started with a 5/6 game unbeaten run which was ridiculous. Second season with Loughgall I got promoted through the playoffs with a miniscule budget, virtually the same squad as nearly got relegated and an average crowd of about 30... Not an unbeaten or easy season by a long stretch, but definitely a hell of an overachievement. Then got offered the Cliftonville job (couldn't turn down, they're my local team) and it's been really hit and miss with them. Flip flopping between wins and losses, no real consistency and definitely not an "easy" save. Be interested to see how my second season with them plays out though. Slightly different topic but if the game is "too easy" or you've exhausted your options, what challenges do you guys impose on yourselves? My usual one is to get a fully homegrown team to win the league/get promoted. I've taken Kidderminster Harriers to the Europa League, Cork City to supplying a good chunk of the ROI national squad and had a decent swing at the San Marino challenge, which is essentially the same idea. Any other suggestions that don't require the editor/custom databases etc?
  6. As has been said it’s more to do with the league than the club achievements. I’ve had Cork City progress well through the Europa League and win successive domestic titles but never really increase much in reputation. It’s actually more realistic - an anomalous continental success of a domestically dominating team in real life will never suddenly mean they are a high reputation club. What you need is for more than one team from your league to be repeatedly successful in Europe, that way over time the league’s reputation will increase. Takes ages though.
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