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  1. So many clubs have a transfer strategy that incorporates buying younger players to make profit on when they sell them on. I pride myself on being able to turn a profit on players of all ages. At the moment, the only stat I am aware of that highlights a managers transfer success is on their profile, where it states: number of players signed total cost of players signed number of players sold total fees recouped in sales These are very headline numbers with no detail. I would like there to be a lot more information regarding each player, showing h
  2. When you click on the ‘history’ tab, it tells you how many goals/assists/appearances the player has made in the ‘League’ each season. There is currently no option to see the same data for any other competition they have participated in. Can filters please be added so we can select to see individual totals for each competition (Drop Downs: League, Cup, Europe, International, Total). This then gives the ability to have a much better view of their all round stats through their career and see what competitions they have excelled in.
  3. Is anyone having problems with the board expectation of signing English players? I have signed Jude Bellingham, Jadon Sancho, Max Aarons and have James Maddison coming at the end of the season (along with a couple of young prospects). But outside of hoovering up any half decent youngsters outsifde of the Prem, it costs a fortune to buy English and most of them are either average or impossible to buy (Sterling, TAA, Rashford). I find myself having to spend money on mid-range English youth prospects, just to satisfy them enough to buy someone foreign. They don't even want Scottish/Irish players!
  4. I always get frustrated when i go to see a player's 'history' tab and see their 'career' stats. It only shows their league stats. There is no drop down or option to view all stats combined (domestic cup, continental club competitions etc). Can there be a filter added, so even if the league is the default setting, it can be changed to show all of their stats?
  5. Where did you get that background photo package?
  6. I started with Arsenal, mainly because they have a load of players to sell for half-decent cash, meaning I could build my own squad. They have some talent to build around (Bellerin, Leno, Torreira, Auba/Laca) and lots of promising youngsters. In my first season, I signed; Kieran Tierney (£23m) Matthis De Ligt (£29m) Lucas Paqueta (£16.5m) Hirving Lozano (£18.5m) Cristian Pavon (£11.5m - Delayed his arrival until 19/20 to develop further at Boca) Pedrag Rajkovic (£3.9m [Jan 19] - Delayed his arrival until 19/20 to develop further) Daniele Rugani (£38.5m
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