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  1. I can only view the player records (in league history) since my save started. So top scorer at the moment in Serie A is Ronaldo. How can I see the all time record? Or is this an issue with how I've set my save up? Image: https://gyazo.com/017f9f0ad4d5412c487205520da45ca7
  2. Hi Hugo, did you get anywhere with this? J
  3. Hi all, I created a long throw routine and it does this weird thing where it puts my two CB's on the sideline, maybe 70% of the time? They seem to be stuck, but they're not. They look like two players warming up in the sideline. I spoke about it in the following YT film and a few people said i should post it here... So here it is for those interested (The link should start at the right point in the video, if it doesn't skip to 3.49). Since recording this it's happened less but still occurs. There have also been variations of it where the CBs on the sideline split apart and do drift in field. Be interested to see what people think. Bug? Quirk? Exploit? Or just a good routine?! ;-)
  4. Thanks, Freddie, I see now. I think it was the use of language that confused me. The way you have explained it makes much more sense! Thanks. J
  5. Just came across the following. Think it's a bug. Summary: Can't submit team before a game Description: When i went to submit my team i got the following message "The match squad must have at least 1 player trained by the club. (currently 0)". https://gyazo.com/0df321dd2d087cd2327e69b8c96abfb1 Obviously this is totally wrong. All the players are trained at my club. I managed to solve the issue by clearing all selections and selecting my team again. Steps to reproduce: Not sure because i have since clicked continue with the save. Have uploaded the save file anyway incase it helps. Save file: Uploaded to ownCloud titled: 'Jim G - Stoke City.fm'
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