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  1. I feel like you'd prefer Ultimate Soccer Manager 98/99 to FM?
  2. So it's happened again - this time I had 5 players in the first team and 3 from the U23s. The U18s had already played so had to play with greyed players. I won 3-1, but only because Juventus had a similar issue. Ridiculous, really.
  3. Update: in by far the strangest match I have ever played in my 15-20 years of FM/CM, I beat Lazio 8-4 with mostly teenagers who aren't good enough for their national u21 squad. Madness!
  4. After winning the Champions League for the first time with West Brom I now have my obligatory shot at the European Super Cup. Only problem is nearly all my squad is on international duty and the game hasn't been moved! Has this happened to anyone else?
  5. After the end of a successful season I renewed the contract of one of my players (more than tripling his wages). Then between July and September he was absent from training or matches eight times, so I've sold him to Chelsea (and bought a replacement off them with similar stats for half the price!), with the deal to be completed in January. I have no intention of playing him again and I don't want him playing in the u23s either. In fact, I'd rather he not be at training either (I guess I could continually give him 2 weeks rest until he moves on 1st January). What I'd like to be able to do is place him on gardening leave, essentially banning him from attending anything related to the team, until the transfer completes. Thoughts?
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