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  1. As I've now reached 13 games unbeaten in the league, sitting 2nd in the table. I wanted to give a sort of conclusive update of sorts, at the very least now for the beta, as I'm pretty happy with how the tactic plays and I think it reached the point, where I can reasonably say that any deficiencies in terms of results, rest on the personell rather than the tactic, as at least realistically speaking the Nantes squad has no business sitting that high up the table in real life at least. For those interested, I'm going to add the current league table, the general performance stats as well as p
  2. I had already noticed earlier in the save, that I couldn't any more go into the full match details of the first two matches played in Ligue 1 and now at the current date ingame 20th December, the full match details of the first 6 league games are no longer available. I had not played the friendly matches myself, but had them done by the assisstant, so I'm not sure if those would need to have full match details either, but those are also missing. As I've never noticed this happening in earlier FMs, I assume that this is a bug or is this intended behaviour? I have uploaded my save game
  3. If your goal is to defend deeper then I don't think the counter-press makes a lot of sense, right now you're basically asking your players to try and win the ball back, even if they lost it all the way on the opponents box, while your backline will already be backpedaling to settle in deep, should probably switch that to regroup instead, so the team is together to defend from deep sooner. Then I'd probably guess that it would help you to have both a runner from the midfield as well as one runner from the wingbacks, who want to fly up the pitch and in turn I'd drop one of the PF down to su
  4. By the numbers the tactic is performing well so far I'd say. Sitting 2nd in Ligue 1 after 12 games with 8W, 2D and 2L. But especially in terms of shots taken, it's not really firing on all cylinders. The reason I don't have either winger or fullback for that matter on an attack duty, is while it does increase their frequency and their tendency to drive forward into space, it comes with the caveat that they all become dribble heavy. Like for every good forward run into space, they make 2 bad dribbles kind of. I've been trying to coax out some more runs out of them by putting the Get f
  5. After just finishing the match but not yet advancing time when clicking on the email that shows next weeks training and then clicking into to it to make changes, the background swaps back to the stadium from the match that was just played. When I close the training schedule the normal background reappears. I did also just now advance the time and did the same thing opening the schedule editor from the mail and the glitch did persist, so it seems that advancing time does not fix it. Saving and reloading the save without closing the game also did not fix it. Completely closing and restartin
  6. In terms of the midfield three to free up the right CM, you could either try him as a B2B to see if the added dynamism from that role makes him behave more adventurously. Or you could also anchor the DM by putting him on defend duty so that he always stays half way between the opposing box and to your backline and then put the CM on attack duty. With what you're hoping to achieve from Kane and the IF, it sounds like a combination of Kane as a F9 and the RW as a Raumdeuter could work, if your main goal is to have the RW drive into the space that is freed up on the right from overloading th
  7. That's the thing the underlap, doesn't make the WB not overlap, he still does and on the regular, but from what I've seen and understand it makes him more likely to first look for an inside pass rather than a cross. I've even gotten some strong low crosses out of it to either the striker or opposing winger. I treat it as a kind of first look to the inside of the pitch rather than the outside. Afaik neither the overlap or underlap instruction tell players behind that they should be doing them, but rather for the player with the ball in that situation to look for a player making the appropiate r
  8. As I've changed quite a bit on my current tactic and to give an update of sorts. A lot of what you guys suspected and I also was wary of, happened quite quickly with the Advanced Forward. When there wasn't the space or opportunity to play him in with long balls over the top or through balls, there was a complete inability of the team to even attempt to build-up play through the middle of the park. And especially against stronger opposition sides what usually happened was the ball going out wide to the wingers, who then attempted suicidal dribbles across the whole pitch with varying success rat
  9. I've noticed two things so far, one which is that even with short passing instructions as well as building from the back the team seems to be way too happy to just decide after 2-3 passes to boot it long even if there is zero pressure from the opponent. As I'm currently watching Spain vs Germany, how patiently and consequently Spain plays around the back even if there is some pressure at times, seems to be completely lacking in my own matches ingame so far, with the team way too happy to give up on playing out back if it doesn't work in 3-4 passes. And the second thing which is a bit hard
  10. Not sure if this one is too recent for you in terms of adding it in: But David Abraham from Eintracht Frankfurt will retire in January. As they mention him having his last game against Schalke 04, the retirement would be after the 16th of January as that's when the game happens.
  11. To change things up for FM21 and also in preparation for my Palermo save after the beta, I wanted to try and challenge myself by trying to implement a twist to my usual possession-based 4-3-3 where instead of using my usual holding midfielder on defend (either DM-D or DLP-D), to this time try and use a true playmaker out of the DM-strata, so what better fit than the Regista. My aim here was to create a tactic whose focal point is an Andrea Pirlo-esque player directing the team starting from deeper in the formation. For my testing I decided to use Hertha in the Bundesliga as I felt that they ha
  12. I am aware that there are some hardcoded differences between player roles in that it is not possible to make a CM(s) play like an RPM just by giving him the same PIs as an RPM. However I was wondering, are there also those hard differences between the same role with a different duty? I am currently trying to get more attacking movement out of my IW(S) and therefore decided to switch them to IW(A), which only adds the "Get further forward" PI to the player. Would just adding "Get further forward" onto the IW(S) achieve a similar effect than swapping the duty from support to attack or does
  13. Huddersfield - Cardiff (PKM attached) 1st Goal 23rd Minutes, showcasing a nice pass into space to the striker between the defenders. First time i've seen it in FM20, and looked like a real goal a striker would score: receiving a ball into space at the edge of the box and then making a fast move and shot 31st Minute Byrne shoots directly instead of taking the ball towards the touchline to create a dangerous crossing opportunity 41:30 Ralls lets the ball go out for a throw-in instead of keeping the play going. no play for set-pieces instruction. behavior i see often in games, where players
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