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  1. Just having a look through the database noticed a few things. In response to amack1n, Steve McClaren has a CA of 155 and PA of 175 by my 7.0.2 database. Also, if you search for England it gives you a famous players list, now I don't know whether this can be updated, but if so, there could be some ex bandits on that list. Is there a way to check with a save game editor or something? Would be interesting to know. As always KUTGW, been a great read, its one of the 5 things in my internet favourites list
  2. Meitheisman actually raises a good point, what constitutes a good or a great chairman? If a chairman who is very business minded, he may see it that selling players early rather than waiting would be a better investment as the money can be returned back into the club earlier than say a larger amount at a later date.. while one who is less business minded may see that you've got a good player and encourage that he is held on to.. This could be done for each attribute and in some cases actually having a chairman with low numbers across the board (or at least in the majority of stats) could bode well for a club. For example one with low interference, low professionalism, low patience, but with high resources and high ambition, could give the manager a lot of money and just tell him to do the job or get sacked.. Think that raises an interesting point for the different chairmen that are possible..
  3. They have had to* replace Not they will have too.. should have proof read..
  4. Well you say that there may not be much progress until a more ambitious chairman/manager is installed. They have done ok considering they will have to have replaced every single member of their squad in a short space of time. I can't remember how many they brought from other clubs rather than free transfers, not looked at page 1 since i read it back when it was first being written (though I'll probs go back and have a look now). But I agree the fact they seem to be have large amounts of money and are not spending it does seem a bit odd.. KUTGW kipfizh, looking forward to another update