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  1. Vitesse Given his task IRL, the role of Johannes Sporsfits Director if Football more then TD. Both Marcel Klos and Daniel Ebbert are set as chief schout, Klos is more the chief and Ebbert a regular scout. Yuri Cornelisse is not working at Vitesse
  2. The format of the youth leagues in BG have been changed from 16 to 12 teams in the Elitna Grupa, it is disappointing SE does not implement this into a new game, special because this is not subjective data. Source then can only hope next year the competition format is correct. CSKA 1948 II plays his home games in Bistritsa, not in the Vasil Levski Stadium. Source
  3. I see - hope it can be different in the final game, now it is to far from reality, but understand this is not up to you. Louis Lars is an Agent, not a manager list of his players Matus Bero (Vitesse) is not really a natural AMR,
  4. That is disappointing, the strange promotion from the U21 to the KKD i can understand that is difficult to set up, just like the weird relegations in the middle of a season. Hope they can at least make it a U21 competition as it stimulates youth development and it closer to real life.
  5. You mean the U21 structure won't be in the game?
  6. The Twente/Heracles U19 play in the Dutch reserve competition, together with Fc Twente reserves , this should be only a U21 Twente/Heracles team in this league. In addition, the Dutch reserve competition should be a U21 competition of 4 groups: Structure on Knvb.nl it is possible to promote and relegate 2 times per season, more can be found: HERE U 21 Div 1 current teams 8 teams U 21 Div 2 current teams 8 teams U 21 Div 3 current teams 8 teams U 21 Div 4 current teams 14 teams. Can you have a another look at the affiliated clubs? Some seem a bit outdated, but not sure as this is difficult to proof. Fc Utrecht --> Barcelona players on loan and Friendly? Fc Twente --> Golden Boot outdated? --> Kozarmisleny outdated? Fortuna Sittard --> RC Genk players on loan? NEC --> Motherwell Friendly since 2013? --> MTK Budapest outdated? Mvv --RC Genk players on loan? NAC --> Manchester City outdated? VVV --> West Ham united, players on loan?
  7. Missing Player: Martin Georgiev Dob: 24-12-2005 Pob: Sofia Post: CB Nat: Bulgaria Club: Slavia Sofia Squad #: 15 Has minutes in the 1rst team. Profile.
  8. Below teams do not have 1rst team, meaning the U19 team is the highest team, max age 19 SOURCE Natsional - BG U19 Elite Group: SOURCE Barokko Sofia - BG u 19 reg. Group South-West SOURCE Yantra 2013 Vitosha 13 Pirin 2001 DIT Sport Sliven 2000 Pomorie Mladost 2015 Sofia Botev 57 play in the Regional Sofia South: SOURCE
  9. Poor Nikolay Spasov (Montana) past away at age 61 https://topsport.bg/montana/uzhasna-tragediya-nikola-spasov-pochina-sled-tezhka-bitka-s-covid-19.html
  10. More little Vitesse stuf Bero #21 is his favoriete number, Also van Ricky van Wolfswinkel be considered one of the icones just like Marc van Hintum.
  11. Vitesse Shirt number #4 is retired, won't be used anymore (Theo Bos) Jeroen Houwen has #24 Aness Sergghini has #44 Yassin Oukili #37 Filip Moller Delaveris can also play AMC, but not on his best. The IRL tasks of Johannes Spors make him a director of Football in FM (same as Streur above)
  12. Vitesse U19 (=U18 as earlier mentioned no more U19 in NL) plays at Sportcomplex papendal, - that is owned by Vitesse and has ligt green seats. Sportcomplex Papendal is also the training facility. Same for PSV campus de Herdgang, is also the training facility FC Utrecht: Sportcomplex Zoudenbalch is where the U18 plays and is the training facility FC Twente: training and youth at "sportcomplex Diekman" i can see it is in the game as the ground of sc Enschede, not sure of this is the same Diekman. Source: https://www.fctwente.nl/teams/academie/trainingslocaties# FC Groningen: youth plays at the Sportpark Corpus instead of Euroborg
  13. Could you have a look at the staff of Netherlands? U21: https://www.onsoranje.nl/teams/185185/spelers Jelle Ten Rouwelaar en Pieter Schrassert Bert - are at U20, (konterman is still the manager) https://www.onsoranje.nl/teams/206598/spelers https://www.onsoranje.nl/nieuws/jeugd-mannen-beloftenelftal/77822/schrassert-bert-tijdelijke-coach-onder-20 U19: manager: Peter van der Veen Ass.: Martijn Reuser Keeper: Robert Jan Zoetmulder https://www.onsoranje.nl/teams/185189/spelers Mischa Visser, Henk Brugge and Sander Westerveld are trainer form U17, this team is not in Fm, that is probaly why they are at U19 in the game. https://www.onsoranje.nl/teams/184965/spelers In addition, could you alsohave some thoughts about the partner clubs in Netherlands. Difficult to find out if some partnerships are still active, online i cannot find any proof of them still existing yes or no but some are started in different times for the clubs Ado - Dordrecht partnership still active? Az - Telstar, no more since jong AZ plays in the KKD? Twente: -dayton Dutch Lions / Goldon Boot/Kozarmisleny/Libertad/Qarabag, partnership still active? PSV - Alianze Lima/Boca Juniors - still active? Heerenveeen --> vv Heerenveen is the amateurclub, same like Feyenoord/ sc Feyenoord Vitesse - Agovv, no loans anymore since Agovv got banrupt, VVV-Venlo - West ham partnership still active? --> Helmond sport: new partnership www.ed.nl/helmond-sport/waarom-helmond-sport-en-vvv-elkaar-juist-nu-weer-vinden-lijkt-beetje-op-samenwerking-met-mechelen~a2c023f9/?referrer=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.bing.com%2F Volendam - Club Brugge partnership? Mvv Racing Genk partnership still active? NEC - MTK Budapest partnership still active? - sv Nec is is the amateurclub, same like Feyenoord/ sc Feyenoord Top Oss --> sv Top is is the amateurclub, same like Feyenoord/ sc Feyenoord
  14. Hi, 2 missing youngsters, nature position in bold source i http://www.scouting-team.com/players.htm Some more players are mentioned on the website, a few are to young for the game, others are in the game, this is a website of the agency they share. BAKALSKI, Ivan Bulgaria 29/01/2003 PFC Dunav Full Back - left Full Back - right Midfielder - central, defensive Midfielder - left GEORGIEV, Teodor Bulgaria 31/01/2004 PFC Pirin - U17 Midfielder - central, attacking Midfielder - central, playmaker Midfielder - right Midfielder - left According the same site, Radostin Aleksandrov is born on 07/11/1991 (game says 5/11/1985) http://www.scouting-team.com/coaches/149/aleksandrov_radostin.html
  15. Fair enough, the news about Hiddink not being manager of Curacao did not reached the Netherlands (yet), Will check if i can make a clear screen shot for the Aruba rivalry
  16. Guus Hiddink is nationale manager of Curaçao, not Remko Bicentini Aruba now has Aruba as a rival.
  17. A few clubs in Bulgaria are only youth academies, they do not have a first team max age is 18 (or 17) Source: http://bgclubs.eu/groups/drugi Barokko Botev 57 DIT Sport (plays at Dragalevsti, Sofia complex) Vitosha 13
  18. Ok, good to know. Konstantin Ivanov is missing in the game, loaned out by Slavia to Yantra: DOB: 03/07/2000 POS: Defender (Midfield according transfermarkt) https://www.uefa.com/uefaeuropaleague/clubs/players/250141817--konstantin-ivanov/ Loan: https://www.transfermarkt.co.in/konstantin-ivanov/profil/spieler/820407 He is played youth of Levski : https://en.levskisofia.info/player/konstantin-ivanov/youth/ Ivaylo Dimitrov (Slavia) is injured on his Achilles and won't return this calendar year (according transfer market unviable till Februarys 2021)
  19. Sebastiaan van der Sman (Vitesse) is closer to being a trainer under 19 then a scout a she is "on the field" (official he is a coordinator,) Marc te Witt (player MASV) is also goalkeeper coach of Vitesse U19 - not sure what the preference are, to keep him as a amateurs player, or to have him in his role at a professional team Frank van Kouwen is also a youth trainer at Vitesse, next to his job as manager of the Bataven - same as above, you can't give them both jobs so that is up to you. Source: https://www.vitesse.nl/nl/nieuws/detail/8661/sturing-over-voetbalacademie-jeugdspelers-perspectief-bieden-video Jesper Gabriels left Vitesse last year, according linkinin he is still at Saudi Arabia U21 https://www.gelderlander.nl/vitesse/gabriels-verruilt-vitesse-voor-job-met-rob-maas-bij-saoedi-arabie~a8631871/
  20. Vitesse: Brend Leeflang is missing, DOB 22/10/2001 POB Woerden squad# 41 https://www.transfermarkt.com/brend-leeflang/profil/spieler/576681
  21. Vitesse: Corian Wigboldus is missing as ass. trainer of U18 (See earlier comments, no U19 anymore in NL) https://www.vitesse.nl/nl/nieuws/detail/8534/invulling-trainers-vitesse-voetbal-academie-seizoen-2020-2021 Dob: 22/12/1990 https://kampongc2.ditismijnteam.nl/ POB: Utrecht (source social media
  22. Dragos Firtulescu Signed for Slavia Sofia Source: https://topsport.bg/slavia/dragosh-firtsulesku-razvalnuvan-sam-ot-transfera-v-slaviya.html
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