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  1. stats won't change

    since you're having to lower certain attributes to increase others, it is simply that you havn't increased the CA and PA enough. Also remember that the CA must be less that or equal to the PA, otherwise it physically is not possible
  2. question about genie scout

    I think it's something to do with it being a Windows application that i can't do that
  3. International Player Ineligibility

    could it be to do with playing for U19s or U21s? i.e. for being registered in competitions with those teams already?
  4. Managing Edited Nations

    If it is an obscure nation, then when you start a new game you have to select that nation from the drop-down list near the bottom of the page entitled something like: 'Load players from' (btw, this is the page that appears just after you've selected your database
  5. question about genie scout

    sorry, i don't think i can, because i have to run genie scout in X11, and for some reason i cannot do screenshots in it, so, sorry
  6. question about genie scout

    so, is it still possible for that player to reach his full potential, for example of 199, rather than only reaching 170, as genie scout suggests with its 'potential attributes'?
  7. hi, I didn't want to post this anywhere else, because it regards an edited player. So i was playing in a new game where i had 15 year-old (1993 born) wonderkid, and was the manager for England. So i played him in the first friendly against the Czech Rep. without any problems, but he seems to be ineligible for the wrld cup qual wiht andorra. The rules state that there are no player restrictions, and a can vaguely remember being in this situation a while back in a different game with a similar player, and there were no problems. ( so i'm guessing it's not age restrictions). Them messege preventing me from the submitting the team simply says he's ineligible, but no explanation. Any ideas?
  8. question about genie scout

  9. fmrte for mac?

    Littleblue was working on a save game editor (the thread is here: http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php?t=66130 ) But if think that the project is dead, as there has been no word from those working on it
  10. question about genie scout

    hi, i have a mac, but have been using genie scout using WINE. (although this is not important). The question is: When viewing a player's profile and check the potential attributes box, are those the highest attributes he will ever have, even though it doe not fulfill his full PA? Cos i was searching for youth players and found that when i selected the potential attributes box, they didn't reach their full potential. Is this falling short a possible outcome or simply the best that the player will ever be? thanks
  11. Fitness Coach

    Ohhhh, i see
  12. Fitness Coach

    Well, I figured it out, but was still unsuccessful: I made him a coach and put coaching defending at 20. he had 20 for determination, discipline, motivation, fitness coaching and even for working with youngsters, but only had 4 star ratings for strength and aerobic. What's wrong with this thing?
  13. Editor

    I use a mac, but it should be the same: Sports Interactive Folder in Applications Football Manager 2009 folder Tools folder Data Editor folder Data Editor Application
  14. Fitness Coach

    oh yea, his CA and PA was 200
  15. Fitness Coach

    It didn't work: I made his determination, discipline, motivation, fitness and working with youngsters 20, with all of the coaching attributes at 1, and (as suggested Xeno) physiotherapy at 18 and job preference as coach, rather than fitness coach. I also made his job as a coach. when i started a new game, his job was somehow as a Fitness Coach, and fitness 17, motivating 18, determination 16 and discipline 18. It's not bad, but why aren't they higher, and why was his job as a Fitness coach, when i changed it?