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  1. I have the bug that after completing the December Waiver Draft 2018 the squad registration rules changed. Now the only requirements are "minimum 5 international players" and "maximum 30 registered players". Some infos to the save: - I created my own club (took Cincinnati and renamed them, new kits etc., removed all players at the beginning) - with the FMRTE Editor I renamed the chairman, made myself unsackable (I made the chairman my father), edited a little bit the number of allowed scouts and coaches I´ll upload two savegames to the cloud. The first is named Oehli 27 - MLS - before international bug and the second Oehli 27 - MLS - after international bug. But it could take a little while with my bad internet until it´s finished. I guess 20-30 minutes after I made this post.^^ EDIT: In an older save with Gladbach where I´m already in September 2019 and the MLS is on view only, the rules are right. EDIT 2: A played again from the first savegame until the Waiver Draft and the rules changed on the 17th December, before I entered the draft.
  2. Unfortunately I don´t have a save game from before, I overwrote it when I got the job. It´s just the inbox message that says I have a 33 weeks long pre-season. I had no problem to change the training after the message.
  3. Simone Santoro of Palermo definitely doesn´t weigh 100kg. In FIFA he weighs 74kg and when you check some pictures of him, you can see he´s not a "big guy".
  4. I started unemployed and signed with VfL Wolfsburg in December ´18. I´m just on my first day and I was asked to schedule the pre-season. The problem is that the game thinks that the complete Bundesliga season 18/19 is the pre-season for the 19/20 season. As you can see in the screenshot the duration for the pre-season is 33 weeks. I didn´t added extra leagues and the only FMFs I used are the "Real Name Fixes" and fake.lnc from Sortitoutsi. The savegame I uploaded onto the cloud is named "Oehli27-Wolfsburg-preseason 33 weeks".
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