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  1. Hi there I'm having a big problem with the editor. Since Saturday I cant find the level 9 database or any other files on the Load Editor Data apart from a load of programme files. Can anyone help me get the editor back to normal?
  2. Sounds silly but how can I do that?
  3. I have that but I have the editor that has a shortcut on my desktop. Having issues using that one
  4. Went on the download page on the game and paid for the £3.99 editor the in game editor
  5. Having trouble with the editor - Go to the load editor data page and nothing comes up apart from a load of programme files for my laptop. I've looked at all the files that are in my c drive. How do I get the editor to work?
  6. Moving back to Meadow Park. It's happening. http://www.gloucestercityafc.com/revised-plans-stadium-released/
  7. Gloucester City are Returning to Gloucester for the start of next season. On the club's facilities page it has them moving back to the Jubilee Stadium( Where they groundshare with Evesham) in 2020. Can you change this please?
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