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  1. above is my best striker, when I say no real presence and I mean he isn't tall or strong or especially fast but can finish chances when presented with an oppurtunity. Attack is the weakest part of my team and is the part I'm looking to improve in the summer as McNulty is leaving anyway. I know I need to create space for my CM to allow him to have long shots which is why I thought I chose the BWM role and the gets forward whenever possible as he should arrive late. Yeah that sort of style seems to be the best option I do have pace outwide with my RM having 19 pace so there is pace to take advantage of space but I just worry if I play pure counter attacking then the other players won't be able to keep up and he'll just run down blind alleys.
  2. I'll answer your questions in order: 1. what style of football? - Preferably fast pressing football which can allow us opportunities on the break also have the freedom to build up moves when that is needed, so I suppose maybe closest to fluid counter attack on the preset tactic options however I want to press higher up than this option suggests, either higher LOE or standard. 2. is your striker good enough to play a role as demanding as the CF? - No, my current strikers aren't however this is where I would like to end up, I would stick with your suggestion of PF(a) as a base until we have a player capable of playing in this role. 3 What strengths and weaknesses does your squad have? - Using the team report screen and my own opinion we have strikers with the ability to finish but with no real presence, a midfielder in Mallan who has 17 long shots so can score from the edge of the box regularly, solid defenders who have decent pace and heading for the level I am at. Comparing my squad to the rest of the league I am better than most teams, but obviously behind the Old Firm. I appreciate the help @Experienced Defender it is good to talk it through with someone more knowledgable and I can see where you are coming from with your questions!
  3. thanks @Experienced Defender for your feedback. What you say about the inverted winger and fullback makes complete sense and I will implement it straight away. Couple of questions I would follow up with is that my BWM does have the trait "gets forward whenever possible" and that's why I've went with this role as he will still get forward often with this trait or am I misunderstanding here? So if I wanted to keep the 4-4-1-1 the most optimal idea is to become more expansive? Potentially drop shorter passing and increase tempo? I like the defensive solidity the formation offers and I came at it with more of a defensive mind which tbh is fine as we don't concede many but also don't score many either. I'm currently away from computer with save on it but then the end result would be something like: CF(A) AM(s) IWsu DLPde BWM W(A) FBat CD BPD FBsu with instructions of play out of defence, overlap left, higher tempo then I could potentially add counter to increase the chances of scoring on the break? I've added the CF as like I said this is where I want to end up but I understand I may be better with PF(a) until then. I'm quite new to the new tactic creator and just trying to make sense of it since taking a break of a couple of years on fm. Thanks for taking the time to reply man it's appreciated.
  4. I will start with dropping the LOE and changing the striker to a PF, I did want to play with a CF but the standard of striker I have at my disposal atm isn't at that level but that is where I wanted to end up. I would be interested in your opinion of the weaknesses of the tactic as I am always looking to improve. here is what I'm currently using after implementing your changes, I've flipped the tactic about just due to my left winger being a better IW than the one on the right side and also changed the IWB that would've therefore been on the right side into a FB(s) as I found him and the BWM were getting in each others way. The only PI I have on is roam from position on the AM.
  5. I thought I should add some more context and have decided to use my most recent fixture against Ross County at home to do this. The game ended in a 1-0 defeat thanks to a ball over the top of my defence. As you can see from the stats we dominated the game in terms of possession and shots however didn't really create any clear cut chances, and I personally only saw one chance on comprehensive highlights that I would class as a decent oppurtunity. However when I breakdown the efforts that we had I don't see any that are overly ambitious which will inflate the overall amount. I feel I am missing something here and just looking for some advice on how I can turn this possession and shots into meaningful efforts on goal as it feels we are severely lacking.
  6. Hi guys, I am looking for a little help in regards to my current tactic at Hibernian. It is set out as below: I am currently 4th in the league just coming out of the winter break now my problem is I am struggling to create clear chances, not CCC in game but just from what I see in game, the striker is often the only player in the box for crosses which I find a bit strange and just in general it feels like I have a problem getting into dangerous positions. I'm just looking for any insights to how I can maybe make it more clinical and/or defensively solid (if that would help to maybe create more space) Thanks in advance.
  7. Sam Jamieson was a great Advanced forward for me at Queen's park in the first season, is a free transfer so should be easy enough to get however from my memory of cowdenbeath is that they are probably strongest up top. Have a look at Queen's park squad as they are amateur there is a couple you can look at signing, Nicky Jamieson and Billy Mortimer were my key men and could easily do a job for any team in the league.
  8. I swear that this is part of football manager, certain stadiums do manage to look like their real life counter parts. Maybe I have just noticed it with a few grounds but with more famous grounds I notice some resembalances for sure
  9. Imagine Bournemouth and Crystal Palace played each other 100 times in real life, same 22 players and the same formations. The result would not be the exact same every single time. 20/100 games Zaha might have a stormer and win the game single handed. Another time Cahill might pull his hamstring and therefore allow Bournemouth to score on the counter. You can't expect the same results simply because both teams set up before a game the same way. The game isn't hard coded before the game to have certain things happen. Hence why you see different goals in two of the same games. Football manager isn't perfect and yes it can be frustrating but restarting every game isn't the way to go, it won't teach you anything.
  10. I remember meeting a member of the Falkirk board around the time of the shutting of the academy was announced and I had a decent chat with them. The thinking behind the closing of the academy was to save money however they were going to go down what they called the "Brentford" route. This was buying young players who don't make it at larger clubs, you can sort of see this if you look at the signings they made in the 17/18 and 18/19 season. They believed they could sign these players on two or three year deals, turn them into first team players then sell them on for profit The point I made in return was that Falkirk were already producing and selling their own young players so why go down the route of getting players from other clubs and while some players will slip through the cracks, often the reason players are released is because they are either not good enough or have some sort of problem that will stop them from becoming a top player (attitude/discipline). My other point was that for a club in the Scottish Championship offering two and three year deals to young players had the chance to go pear shaped (which it obviously has) or by the time these players had turned into established first team players it would be the last year of their deals and, unlike Brentford, Falkirk wouldn't be able to afford to offer these players the sort of money as clubs interested in them and therefore they would leave at the end of the season for nothing. Conversation finished with the director saying they had to try something different as they had been stuck in limbo for a number of years. Suppose there was some thinking outside of the box on the part of the board but did seem strange to base it around Brentford, a club that while did have some promising spells haven't exactly been world beaters. They aren't the first lower league team in Scotland to scrap the youth setup, couple of other clubs lower down have scrapped their youth academies too due to cost.
  11. I've had to start again the Italian Serie D database I had loaded seemed to mess up the finances of many clubs in serie C and D, so I've loaded up a new save but with a different lower league database but haven't press continue as yet, reading what everyone is saying here it might be better to remain patient and wait for Classen's database
  12. Only my third game in charge of the national team and we've only gone and beat Kazahstan!!!
  13. I've just loaded in my save with the San Marino leagues loaded and the San Marino Calcio fix. I've also downloaded this database https://footballmanagerforum.forumfree.it/?t=77138926 which makes the league playable from the beginning. I haven't got very far but everything seems to be working as it should for the moment.
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