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  1. Hi guys, I have a bug wherein if I've clicked through to the team selection and came off it I cannot get back into it by clicking the team selection button or by using the space bar, however I can use the forward arrow as shown in the video below. However, this becomes an issue if I have clicked through a few screens (checking other teams players, my players) and cannot use the arrows meaning I've had to holiday one game where I couldn't continue into the game at all. I've attached the below video which hopefully illustrates the issue.
  2. I've played with The Regista's editor and everything is working as it should so thanks @The Regista. One thing I would mention is that for some reason, not sure if it's to do with San Marino Calcio or Italy in real life, nearly half of the Italian free transfers cannot sign until January if you try to sign them after September 1st so to avoid that I started in July so it gives you plenty of time to get a squad together.
  3. First game and the first win on FM21. God bless the nations league, it makes the early game with San Marino a little less tedious (even if I did probably deserve to lose)
  4. Thanks for this man! Have started a save tonight, I will update everyone if I stumble into any problems! But while it's obviously not as good as when the club existed it least allows us to keep going with this challenge
  5. I asked for this particular affiliate but it was the board who recommended the teams. You can see the link type here and I do know Hibs can produce some very good regens. I will keep them and see if anything comes of it. Mainly doing this save to try and get better at youth development before fm21 comes out so will see what happens. Was mainly curious if I could get Scottish players with second nationality of Basque, was an interesting thought anyway! Just not sure if the game would stop it happening in the background or not!
  6. quick question for all of you Bilbao experts. I'm currently nearly at the end of the second season and over the course of the two seasons I've got 3 affiliate clubs, Hibernian, 1860 Munich and N.E.C, on the link type where they can send academy players and they can come through my youth teams. My question is has anyone done this and can these youngsters actually come through at Bilbao and be signed to professional deals due to them only being able to sign Basque players or 16 year old Spainards?
  7. above is my best striker, when I say no real presence and I mean he isn't tall or strong or especially fast but can finish chances when presented with an oppurtunity. Attack is the weakest part of my team and is the part I'm looking to improve in the summer as McNulty is leaving anyway. I know I need to create space for my CM to allow him to have long shots which is why I thought I chose the BWM role and the gets forward whenever possible as he should arrive late. Yeah that sort of style seems to be the best option I do have pace outwide with my RM having 19 pace so there is pace to
  8. I'll answer your questions in order: 1. what style of football? - Preferably fast pressing football which can allow us opportunities on the break also have the freedom to build up moves when that is needed, so I suppose maybe closest to fluid counter attack on the preset tactic options however I want to press higher up than this option suggests, either higher LOE or standard. 2. is your striker good enough to play a role as demanding as the CF? - No, my current strikers aren't however this is where I would like to end up, I would stick with your suggestion of PF(a) as a base until w
  9. thanks @Experienced Defender for your feedback. What you say about the inverted winger and fullback makes complete sense and I will implement it straight away. Couple of questions I would follow up with is that my BWM does have the trait "gets forward whenever possible" and that's why I've went with this role as he will still get forward often with this trait or am I misunderstanding here? So if I wanted to keep the 4-4-1-1 the most optimal idea is to become more expansive? Potentially drop shorter passing and increase tempo? I like the defensive solidity the formation offers a
  10. I will start with dropping the LOE and changing the striker to a PF, I did want to play with a CF but the standard of striker I have at my disposal atm isn't at that level but that is where I wanted to end up. I would be interested in your opinion of the weaknesses of the tactic as I am always looking to improve. here is what I'm currently using after implementing your changes, I've flipped the tactic about just due to my left winger being a better IW than the one on the right side and also changed the IWB that would've therefore been on the right side into a FB(s) as I found him and
  11. I thought I should add some more context and have decided to use my most recent fixture against Ross County at home to do this. The game ended in a 1-0 defeat thanks to a ball over the top of my defence. As you can see from the stats we dominated the game in terms of possession and shots however didn't really create any clear cut chances, and I personally only saw one chance on comprehensive highlights that I would class as a decent oppurtunity. However when I breakdown the efforts that we had I don't see any that are overly ambitious which will inflate the overall
  12. Hi guys, I am looking for a little help in regards to my current tactic at Hibernian. It is set out as below: I am currently 4th in the league just coming out of the winter break now my problem is I am struggling to create clear chances, not CCC in game but just from what I see in game, the striker is often the only player in the box for crosses which I find a bit strange and just in general it feels like I have a problem getting into dangerous positions. I'm just looking for any insights to how I can maybe make it more clinical and/or defensively solid (if t
  13. Sam Jamieson was a great Advanced forward for me at Queen's park in the first season, is a free transfer so should be easy enough to get however from my memory of cowdenbeath is that they are probably strongest up top. Have a look at Queen's park squad as they are amateur there is a couple you can look at signing, Nicky Jamieson and Billy Mortimer were my key men and could easily do a job for any team in the league.
  14. I swear that this is part of football manager, certain stadiums do manage to look like their real life counter parts. Maybe I have just noticed it with a few grounds but with more famous grounds I notice some resembalances for sure
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