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  1. Wow! Most of you have great results... And I thought that getting fifth in the first season is good My team for the second season is: GK: Howard/Ospina DR: Clyne/Hibbert DC: Bochetti/Jagielka DC: Heitinga/Duffy DL: Baines/Oviedo MC: Fellaini/Neville MC: Will Hughes/Rodney Strasser AML: Stoch/Gueye AMC: Barkley/Osman AMR: Vladimir Weiss/Mirallas ST: Jelavic/Destro Got some very good fees for Pienaar and Naismith.
  2. Carrick is the best English passer bar Scholes in the moment.
  3. Just got the game... And I decided to start with Swansea! Here are my transfers: http://i820.photobucket.com/albums/zz121/Rocknmather2/Swansea_TransfersHistory_zps4f25bcf7.png First three matches are against Chelsea, Man Utd and Liverpool, so wish me luck...
  4. Proto Tarkula

    Any Christmas promotions?

    It says: Downloading: Currently, this item is available only to customers located in the United States and who have a U.S. billing address. I live in Bulgaria (and I have Visa card). Would I be able to buy it?
  5. I haven't bought the game yet and I wonder which is the best Christmas/New Year Eve promotion Thanks in advance for your suggestions.
  6. Proto Tarkula

    FM13's One Man Team Game

    Player: Joey Barton Goalkeeper: Jose Manuel Reina Team kit: red home, blue away
  7. Bloody hell guys, some of them are low Championship quality. Great work!
  8. Try Andrea Consigli from Atalanta too, did very well for me for the first two years (I haven't played more).
  9. Proto Tarkula

    FM 12 Dream Team

    GK: Scott Carson DR: Alan Hutton DC: Titus Bramble DC: Stefan Savic DL: Paul Konchesky MR: Jordan Henderson MC: Charlie Adam MC: Joey Barton ML: Stewart Downing ST: Andy Carroll ST: Emile Heskey Bloody brilliant.
  10. Look at Nainggolan from Cagliari, he's pretty much a complete midfielder.
  11. Proto Tarkula

    Two ball winning midfielders

    Better use the supporting one as a box-to-box instead, he will give you extra potential in attack.
  12. Proto Tarkula

    Video card recommendation?

    Thanks, Barside
  13. Proto Tarkula

    Video card recommendation?

    Sorry to bump this but a friend of mine recommends this one: http://mostbg1.com/most/Item.aspx?itemid=45743 Will it be ok for FM 12 and the future ones?
  14. Hello guys. So I have to replace my broken video card... The only game I play is Football Manager, the other things I use my PC for are listening to music, watching films etc (what I want to say is I do nothing special on it except for playing FM). I use the 3D. Which video card would you recommend me? I am asking because I don't need the most expensive gamer video card. Thanks in advance!
  15. Proto Tarkula

    One Day We'll Basque In Glory!

    Great month. Sola is a beast!