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  1. I had literally the same problem in FM19, i thought it was only me because i never saw anyone else complaining.
  2. You need to reinstall the licensing fix after updates
  3. Foss one has an facepack tho, which is a big plus for me, i prefer to wait for his update.
  4. I began to use it to give a certain amount of PA to players who perform good in seasons of my save (even from other teams), as it shouldn't make sense that an young striker who scored like 25 goals in some low reputation league should be limited to 120 PA. Although it's quite time consuming and last time i did this the power went off and i lost hours of changes
  5. Yeah you can clearly see this if you tick load fake players and then look at the Japanese players, they don't look 1% Asian... I hope SI fixes this at least.
  6. Yes, i think the problem is not so much the faces, but it's mainly the absence of hairstyles, if we could have more hairstyles it would certainly make the newgens less repetitive, but as it stands it looks like there are like 10 hairstyles or so, they could just make the hairs 2d again and let the creativeness of the community work more on it, and then it would be fine But if someone comes with that argument "it's 3d to match their match engine appearance" there's no way to distinguish them in the match engine graphics !! It's such an lame excuse, as if the FM graphics were like Fifa.
  7. I hope the faces somehow get better in the final game, because otherwise it shows that Miles standard of quality is pretty damn low.
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