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  1. This is great, i always like the idea of more regional cups/leagues, and i always wanted to do something like this but i really suck at creating competitions in the editor. I hope this project gets bigger.
  2. Haha, no problem. If when you start the game you select the 21.3 database => Use the Africa Extended Leagues v1p4.fmf file. If when you start the game you select the default database => Use the Africa Extended Leagues for 21p1p1.fmf file.
  3. Yeah, i faced similiar problems before, of trying to delete some leagues and they would still appear in the game. Well, maybe there's nothing you can do about it, it is fine. But by the way, i think you didn't upload the files correctly? Only showing the players file here for me.
  4. I could help you with adding the champions history if you want, i already lost too much time doing stuff like this in the editor in the past . If you want just pm me the updated files with the other leagues deleted then i add the history and send it to you.
  5. I see, but actually, it looks like the league used is not the original one, the original should be the "DR Congolese Premier Division", listed on the screenshot. You can see this because if you look at Mazembe's trophies in the game it says that they won the DR Congolese Premier Division 18 times. If you are interested in fixing that, i think that recreating the league on the original one would be difficult, so you could just delete the original one and copy the reputation and champion history.
  6. Checked again, and actually the Cameroon league despite working faces the same problem, there is another league called "Cameroonian First Division" which is the same as your real league, but unplayable. I'm wondering if this was intended, as in, you had to create those leagues from scratch instead on working on the one that already was on the database because of some limitation? Because all the other leagues except those two seems to be based around the leagues that was already present in the database, i can see this because they all have an logo assigned from the logopack i
  7. Thanks for the update. It all looks perfect, except for that problem in the DR Congo that i mentioned, as you can see in the screenshot, the playable league of Congo sits at the 24th in the African leagues ranking. But if you click on the African leagues ranking, you will se that there is an unselectable league of DR Congo at 6th place, which i think it was supposed to be your real league there. All the other leagues are fine, just the Congo one that seens duplicated. You can see it in the nation overview too, the highest reputation league in Congo is unselectable, whil
  8. Oh wait, the file you uploaded yesterday was the first version of the mod? If so then i apologize, i thought the mod was already released before that, and then you replaced it with a new version. If that's the case, it would be great if you did one for the default db, but i will not pressure you into doing it as it would take more work. Just as a note, the error when you try to play with the default db is that it wasn't tested in the editor. I tested it on the editor then i tried the mod on the default db, it actually seems to work fine, except for the DR Kongo league, which is dupli
  9. You just have to reupload the previous files, you don't need to change anything. The previous files worked with the default db.
  10. Yeah, some people like to play with the default db so that there is no updated transfers.
  11. Mate, can you reupload the previous leagues file, and leave it there as a option for those like me who prefer to play with the default database? Because the new one doesn't work with the default anymore.
  12. Some league mods, particularly the leagues that play from January to December (i.e J. League), when they update those mods they update it to the new season, so if you play with the old game database it will mess things up.
  13. Hey, i was testing your mods, in the editor i saw that in the finances mod you edited so that all teams have 0$ balance, but when i load the game, they have money, less than the normal but still have, like Arsenal having $21 million, is this normal? Sorry if it was already asked before.
  14. Sorry, didn't see the later posts. The problem about this is that even if you start in January, the game simulates the season with the transfered players being there since the beginning, so it is no different than starting on the beginning and playing until January. This is an minor thing really, but since i like to aim for the most realistic game, i can't play in the new database because of this.
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