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  1. I watched the game on BT and was really impressed with the intensity of the team, Pellegrino's goal......wow!
  2. What a moment, the Eliteserien has moved up a whopping eight places in the league reputation rankings and now sit just two spaces outside of the top 10. As for Glimt we have moved up 50 places to 45th position, there are some big clubs with a rich footballing history inside the top 40 with the likes of Milan (36th), Sporting (33rd), Valencia (31st) and Benfica (30th). Saving the best for last, this one matters...we are now a top 10 country in relation to the nation club coefficients! As of 2024/25 Norway has secured direct access to the UCL group stage! A proud moment for me on the save!
  3. Close but no cigar my friend, yeah strange to have to play away from home four times in a row! The only bonus is that later on in the season we will be rewarded with a long run of home fixtures! Certainly beatable, but they deserved it over the two legs and were v unfortunate not to lift the trophy!
  4. Absolutely not, he was the cream of the crop from the youth intake from our first season. To be fair the best team won and they pushed Atalanta all the way to extra time in the final losing 3-2 after extra time. Now to navigate the transfer window and hopefully a nice increase in the coefficients for both club and country.
  5. At the current pace of play I think I may struggle to get another chance prior to FM22.
  6. May 2023 We are back from Norway with a little update from the second full month of our fourth season in charge with Glimt, what do I have in store for you today...well no better way to kick things off than with the outcome of our Semi Final second leg Europa League fixture against Club Brugge. After losing the away leg 2-0 thanks to a two minute double whammy from the Belgium side we had it all to do in the home leg. The home support had their nerves settled in the 25th minute when Sesko scored from a Donnum corner, this early goal meant that we had plenty of time to attempt to build on the scoreline and there would be no need to alter our mentality. The above image shows our shot map for the 90 minutes, you can see how we were creating many chances within the opponents area, Brugge's keeper Simon Mignolet was having an absolute blinder saving many of our shots. In contrast Brugge were again creating good chances but their lads had forgot to bring their shooting boots with a large proportion of shots off target. In the 91st minute a lovely build up down the right-flank from a throw-in resulted in Botheim scoring, this would take the tie into extra-time...could we secure our first ever European final? Per Nerdal unfortunately recieved marching orders within the first minute of extra time, Brugge struck immediately putting the game to bed and breaking our hearts in the process. The Eliteserien We continued the league form very much along the lines of the whole save, dominating opponents...although some of the above scorelines doesn't reflect that (late win against Haugesund). I thought I would take a leaf out of @Matt_1979 book by highlighting our offensive dominance. Plenty of first places on display here, the usual shots on target/conversion rate to improve on so no doubt some more training with a focus on chance conversion, the biggest surprise is that we have completed the most passes in the league but only rank third in relation to possession. Odds and Molde will absolutely push us hard again this season....especially given the fact that a certain Tjaland has broken into their first team and has hit the ground at 100mph! The month of June will see us come up against the historic target, we will report back on completion.
  7. Poor old Luquinhas, love that you have gone with the data driven recruitment method! Just a point to consider when reviewing players of interest I would look out for their attributes in relation to corners and free kick taking as these will most certainly have an impact on the data. However saying that I would nine times out of ten go with the players that stand out to myself in the data...the highlight reel from the scouts will give you the additional layer of context to aid your decision making.
  8. Congratulations on lifting the Europa, do you have any ideas in relation to your FM22 save? I am doing Sturm Graz and also considering a Liga MX save later down the line.
  9. How are you finding the SV? Can you post the main man's attributes...as you know attempted this role with Santos historically and used to find that after 70 mins the SV was always dead due to the high demands.
  10. Just stating that due to Robertone being on penalties it would significantly boost his xG value. I think the game sets these at 0.8xG if memory serves me right. His key passing is what stands out for me (AP on attack) rather than support maybe?
  11. The joys of the game, in the other match (trying not to word it to get @Matt_1979 excited) Hoffenheim are leading Atalanta! Let's hope we can overturn the deficit and secure our first major European final.
  12. Season Four We enter season four with the expectation on our shoulders to lift the Eliteserien title for the fourth season in a row! Given the complexities of last season this years league could go one of either two ways! Looking at the top ten transfers from the league during the off season Lillestrom look like they will be in for a tough season as they lost three players, the £6.4 million made on these sales has yet to been re-invested into playing staff. Molde have strengthened their spine with the acquisitions of Kolskogen and Hiljemark, whilst Kristiansund waved goodbye to Max Williamsen who leaves for Paris for a nifty £6.5 million. In our opening fixtures we made light work of Rosenborg, Donnum helping himself to the match ball whilst the points were much harder to secure away against the team we initially picked to struggle! Halsoy scoring at the death after new signing Thorstvedt (£240k) pulled us level...a superb come-back win! Odds, last years big hope were brushed aside from an early goal by Simon Adingra, the 21-year-old Ivorian will be getting a bit more football in the All Yellow of Glimt this season in the AML (IF role) considering the lack of cover for Tounekti. Europa League The start of the season also is the climax of the European schedule, this year because of the World Cup the both the first and second knockout rounds were reduced to one-legged affairs to save on the already condecnced fixture list, this played into our hands considering we secured a home tie due to topping our group. Tounekti scored a brace to ensure we progressed to the Quarter Finals in which we faced Napoli. We some how escaped from the Diego Maradona in Naples with only conceding the single goal, Napoli had 15 shots in the game compared to our 6 and probably should have put the tie to bed if Lorenzo Insigne had brought the right boots. The Italian had six shots in the game and only hit the target once! In the return leg we thought we were going to extra time after Thiago Holm pulled us level but in the 91st minute Sesko manged to find the burst of energy to get onto a wayward pass from Holm and slot it past an on-rushing Alex Meret. We were through to our first ever semi-final...can the boys dream? Short answer...not likely...Club Brugge's direct play secured a 2-0 victory for the home side in the first leg, despite the score the tie was alot more even than reflected we had an xG of 1.93 whilst they finished with 2.41. Saltnes could and should have given us the lead, but he decided to miss his penalty in the 19th minute. The month ahead, as usual I will update you on my progress once it is completed...sorry it's been a tad slow over the past week, work has been fairly hectic.
  13. Yes mate, I think I read somewhere back maybe in December on the forum that someone made a plug in which could pull off the data for all of these in accessible metrics which have no option to filter within the usual view. This was a while back but will see if I can dig it out for you 👍
  14. Nice to see you have also picked up Edvard
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