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  1. On 28/12/2018 at 19:14, tomlcfc said:

    This could be a bit complicated IMO.

    Yes, he has 'signed' for us, as far as Claude has said, but, we don't know how long for, and I think the inevitability of it will be that it is more a token gesture and a bit of a feel-good PR story from the club, especially after the accident. Claude rightly says himself there he hasn't trained properly for 12 months - at what point does a guy who's being sitting round as a waiter in Nice get fit enough for even our U23s? I don't see him playing many times, if at all for them (he's also 24 and would take up a spot for someone younger, fitter and probably better), and the risk is that we throw him into FM and the game decides to pick him quite regularly in our youth teams.

    Personally, I'm not all that convinced we should add him in. Dare I say we've done this before with players from Thailand, or that kid from Peru that vanished off the face of the Earth.

    I will, though, ask Pete for his thoughts and get back to you :)

    Thanks - I see your points! I’m not sure if he has been in previous versions of the game as he was at Juventus according to reports?

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