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  1. Does a mod or anyone else have any answers to these? Especially 2!
  2. Hey there, I have 2 questions! 1. When training a player in a role (eg Inside Forward AMR) after some time the player stops training in the role, and only starts training in the position (AMR). Sometimes the training position might not even be the same, it could be LM or something like that. This 'new' position isn't always the one the player is natural in. Why does this happen? How can I prevent it from happening? On staff responsibilities I am in charge of all individual training on every squad. The above situation can happen with players who haven't been made availble for reserves/under 19 squad or anything. 2. When on opposition instructions, if I have instructions set on position, will they always be on when viewing opposition instructions for players? Ie if I toggle between the two are both active, or is it position OR player?
  3. Hey guys, I have a 4312 tactic which overall is working quite well for me in terms of scoring goals, but I'm always more vunerable at the back. When my full backs are anything less than CWBs on attack I really struggle to score. Theres 2 variants I would want to achieve: 1. The pace of my strikers is a huge asset, so if the ball over the top is on, I'd love to just clip it over their defense. 2. When that ball isn't on, having a slow build up working the space to eventually find a clear cut chance.
  4. Hey everyone, I've read up on the guides on making the most out of training, and I have been doing so in the new game. I realised I haven't been doing it with youth though, I don't know the differences on setting up youth schedules and thought I'd ask to learn what to keep in mind? And what do you guys do/how do you view youth schedules Ideally I would create schedules at the beginning of the season for youth and not check them every week or so!
  5. When wanting to use the in-game editor on a player, I will click the editor dropdown, select 'edit player attribute details' and then the screen shows up with the headers 'general, positions, player traits', etc. However there is nothing undernearth. When I click on positions everything shows back up, and then I can go back to general and everything will show up, but by default the screen is blank. I've uploaded an image, and the save file is Sezer Evrenoglu - Athletic Bilbao on the cloud.
  6. Hey guys, I wanted to ask if anyone has done a long-term successful save from a team from Portuguese or Turkish league? I'm wanting to create a 'super club' on par with Europes finest from one of these nations, and wondered if the success of it can get the league reputation on par or better than the Spanish/English/German leagues. I've seen saves from more obscure countries getting to around 7-8 on the list of Competition Reputation, but has anyone had experince with a nation from around 7-15 on the list breaking into the top 4?
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