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  1. Yeah all of these issues seem to be bugs. Some of the B-team stuff like doesn't have games, might just be a feature because they're not part of an actual active league, usually in USSL division one from what I gathered. Tried two years with the Rapids and because of the huge disconnect from the academy and b-team + bugs make it hard to want to invest in an MLS save atm. Decided to **** off to England now, seems like everything over there is working fine.
  2. Suggestion for FM devs or q/a testers here, if a B-team is created, consider adding a tab for them so I don't have to go through the dev centre or affiliates. If I go through the Dev Centre, I'm limited to what I can do with the team in terms of the menus for like training/staff, etc. I have to go through affiliates to see the full menu in the second image.
  3. Additionally there is no staff control/responsibilities that I can see for the created B-team.
  4. Alright another issues possibly. I ended up convincing the board to give me a B-team. After getting my B team, I put out adverts for the various positions for the B team. Every time though I get a response for the advert it's all coaches who actually want to me one of the main coaches/physios/scouts, etc.
  5. Another issue I noticed related to loans was that three of my players weren't seeing any game time at all while on loan, already half way through the season and most of them are kept out of all the games. Not sure if it's an issue or a decision by the loaned to manager.
  6. I noticed this as well for March waiver, where you had like a day to scout. This was a problem in FM19 as well + only giving under a week to scout the MLS superdraft.
  7. Something seems off with the academies. I can't see potential/ability, can't even get a scouting report of them. Don't see a schedule of any sort, maybe I haven't gotten far enough into the season yet. Dev Centre, doesn't show anything about the academy players. Obviously with the superdraft talent being subpar and unavailable the first season, a lack of academy info/schedule makes it disappointing to invest into the MLS saves. I know they're technically treated as AMA status as players, but if you can't see anything and don't have a B team, then what's the point of playing MLS.
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