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  1. well thanks anyway ... I'll have to start my database in 2018
  2. Can i start the season in 2020 ? with the database ?
  3. In that case, is there a way to change my club from a create a club to a normal club created with the editor (keeping my save)? Maybe then I could change the logo Or maybe create a database based on my create a club save and then create a new game thanks to that database (with the editor) ?
  4. Hello there, I would like to change my current create a club logo to a new one. After one and a half season, I have had enough of the auto-generated create a club FM logo and would like to change it to one that I have created! Also, I currently have one mega pack (for logos and kits) installed on the game. I have looked everywhere but can't seem to figure it out... Even after tweaking some of the config files in the graphics folder. Please help if you can, it's really troubling me now... OLD LOGO: NEW LOGO:
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