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  1. I am in love with Football Manager series. However, in latest years I have kinde bored because the match engine is so hilarious. The movement of players, their decision, their models and all the stuff that we see in the match is incredibly bad. For example; Their forwards on route to attack and then one of my defender decided to run accross the other field. I did not give order to mark anybody and did not any other instructions. It is just annoying and funny. Another example; As we all know one of the best player in the world is running through goal box and shooting into
  2. I have been keep buying this beautiful game for almost 20 years. I were watching my big brothers playing this and first time ever i bought FM 05-06. However, in last 3-4 years you are making incredible **** works. This year i ****ing lost my mind. How can you create this much insanely bad thing. I have started with Galatasaray and swore to god i just scored 2 goad in 1v1 situation in 5 season. I did not missclikced anything scored 2 in 5 years. Then my friends aid to me "Hey, they fixed determination problem. Stupid players can pass in 2v1 or can literally score 1v1."
  3. I have scored 1 freekick in 3 season. Now my kicker has 16 freekick attribute but cant score. Not only me every other team cant score in league.
  4. Have you ever scored in freekicks? I have a player who has 16 free kick attribute in my team but he have never scored a goal. I checked datas and 18 team scored 5 free kick goals in 1 season. Why developers doing that? Why you are making this kind of ********* every year? There is also shoting side nets into death. Every player of mine shots directly to side nets instead of cutting inside. How hard it would be to fix? I dont understand devs.
  5. Thank you for your help i really glad to you all. However, I have never ever dowloaded tactics until 2020 go nuts and it came out badly. I would like to do it on my own. It is just feedback to you guys. Only wondering is there anybody who struggles like me. This year is over and i done 34 shot to goal and scored none. Belhanda's freekick is 15 but never scored ever. Well Falcao's penalty is 17 and scored 1/2 of them. But if you want to see my tactic;
  6. I have 18 penalty taker and he scored 4 of 10. This year crap.
  7. I especially ordered my nearly every player to not shot from outside of the box. I just checked my CL groups Liverpool, Inter, Dortmund, Barcelona, Napoli, Ajax and Juventus failed to qualify group stage. LOL. Total mess. Shaktar Celtic SLB qualified instead.
  8. You dont understand. I have tried 4 different tactics from in game tactic generator other 2 was outer dowloaded tactics. I have tried every way tiki-taka, gegenpress and counter-attack at away but still losing 17th team 3-1 in my HOME. All of my game's ends up with 2-3 shot to goal in spite of i order to get into box with passes. Just garbage this year i might stop playing this year. The most crucial thing in the game total garbage. I won against Liverpool at away 3-1 but losing 17th at my home 3-1 or the team at the top losing 18th 4-0. What is that for real? What kind of concept this game is
  9. In beta it was pretty messed up like no pass in 2v1 or always misses 1v1 and never score in freekick. However in now you cant score and your players play like garbage. I have striker has 18 finishing, 17 first touch and 16 technique still cant score. My team -98 million euro worth- is so much stronger than other teams in the league but a club -8 million euro worth- won the league. Their goal ratio 3.2 mine is 1.8 this is madness. I tried 6 tactic and played 3 season restart with same team still cant win the league.
  10. I really like 2020 but there is some bugs and problems that i would like to say. I will tell each of it in here... - It really takes too many times to move forward in time or when you want to go on vacation. For example it took 6 hours to past 1.5 season. - Players wont pas in 2v1 position. -My strikes scores 1/3 in compare to my winger. -When you create a club, the loan players go back to club. For example, i picked Galatasaray for creating club and Lemina, Nzonzi and Seri went back to their club. -***When you watch the matches in 3D fps lowers too much*** (I have GTX1050Ti) -
  11. I think November 18th is too early make it January 1st and it would be really released in 2020. What the heck? Why it is so late?
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