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  1. Hello, I've just finished my first season with FC Utrecht. My B squad (Jong FC Utrecht) became champions in the second division (Keuken Kampioen Divisie) and they were promoted to the Eredivisie... - Jong AZ and Jong PSV were in the promotion play-offs from the second division due to high placement. - Also, Cambuur won a period but finished 10th, they weren't in the promotion play-offs though. When I saw Jong PSV and AZ in the promotion play-offs I was already fearing this would happen, I browsed this thread and saw it's been a long-time problem in FM19. I just wish I knew earlier because I feel like I've invested and wasted my time on a full season in a planned long-term save. These sort of things are game-breaking for me, and as I see in this thread they are for more people. Is this hard to fix or is it not a priority? Are there any fixes for my current save or do I have to wait for this bug to be fixed before I start a new save? Or change this myself in the editor and start a new save? How will we know when it is fixed? Two other things I noticed regarding the rules: - I finished 5th and played the Europa League Play-offs in de Eredivisie as the highest placed team, but played at home first and away in the second leg in both the semi-final and final. I believe the home advantage is in the second leg. - Also, wins in the play-offs counted towards the league total wins record, which I don't think it should be.
  2. I always put on the Champions League tune when the players enter the pitch in Champions League matches. 'The Chaaampiooooons!'
  3. Hello, for FC Utrecht: - Marinus Dijkhuizen is listed as the main assistant manager, with Kruys and Petrovic as coach. On the clubwebsite they are all three listed as assistant managers, but I think you can only have 1 in FM right? In that case I think Petrovic should be the assisant manager, seeing as Advocaat brought him with him. Dijkhuizen and Kruys are more the coaches (outfieldtrainers). - Marcel Mul is the teammanager at Utrecht, but is listed in game as a Data Analyst. Probably because such a job is not in FM? Would coach be a more fitting job for a teammanager? - Sander Keller (B-Team assistant manager) is in game as Holl Keller... - Samir ben Salam is a free agent (was at Ajax) but was bought by Utrecht in may this year: https://fcutrecht.nl/fc-utrecht-legt-samir-ben-sallam-vast/4 - The under 19's team starts without an assistant manager, but Wijnands' two assistants are Sander Keller (same as B-team assistant) and Michael Mols, who is in game as coach, maybe he could be under 19's assistant manager? - Also, the boards minimum expectation is to finish top half, but I believe in recent years they want to compete for European qualification. Cheers.
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