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  1. I did a little research and it seems like you cant assign one to do this automatically. I left one scoute free of assignements and for every player i send on loan i have him to scout his progress.
  2. My main concern is their performance when scouting nations that they dont have knowledge of.. Does this make them not scout the best players or does it make them scout them wrongly as far as the player's ability is concerned?
  3. yeah but 17 scouts are too much. plus you cant sign any other scout cause normally the board allows only 10 :P I'll try sending them out.
  4. So yesterday i started a new save with Inte Milan. And as i alwasy do i went through my staff to get rid of any useless for my club's staff i find. So when i reached to my scouting department i found out that i had about 17 scouters with good attibutes but 15 of them had as scouting knowledge only Italy. This must be the worst resources management of all times guys.
  5. I loaned lincoln out to Nuremberg with a key player role and i got on loan Pinamonti. The reason i did this is for Lincoln to play first team football and improve much faster. Next season he will be in my rotation next year. I have to find a way to offload Alario without displeasing the whole squad but this seems really difficult to achieve.
  6. I went for Barella to replace Aranguiz ( sold him in the end of the 1st season to PSG for 40 mil euros.) He and Paqueta were the 2 players in the end but i chose Barella, He is a bit more expensive but Paqueta's injury proness old me back back from going for him. LBs and RBs is a huge problem for me too. Luckily i managed to get cucurella for free in the 1st January and he is pretty decent for back up. But i cant find someone for the RB role :/
  7. well Jevdaj did the trick for me too the 1st season but for the second onw i need a real rb :P These are my ins and outs for the 1st season. I havent finished the transfer period in my second season so no screenshot. I have to find a way to get rid of Alario cause he literally does nothing for the team
  8. Well i dont consider Jevdaj a RB in the first place. I hope Barella becomes a beast for me too cause i spent 35mil on him :P. I'm kinda romantic at this save. So i dream Bender brothers retiring at Bayer and maybe becoming coaches later on.
  9. I managed to get cucurella for free at the 1st January. Now in the summer after playing some friendlies lookks like a good sub for wendell. Any ideas on RBs? I also have to get rid of Alario. Anyway the bet for this second season is Barella cause if he underperforms then im screwed. Btw be a little bit romantic guys. Dont sell the Bender brothers :D
  10. Managed to win Europa League first season and finished fourth at the Bundesliga. Really good team 2nd year now and i have to push for at least second place. Sold Aranguiz as he didnt want to renew his contract for 40 mil to PSG and bought with 30 mil his successor Barella. The only problem is that i cant make my strikers to score Volland and Alario.
  11. Thanks I 'll scout Escobar. Rajkovic too mainstreaming
  12. Has anyone picked up Mele from osmalinspor? I m searching for a rotation gk and he seems pretty good
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