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  1. surely its fair enough if people cant enjoy the game and its clear there will be no further updates, then trying to recommend alternatives to our fellow FMrs is okay ?
  2. fairly straightforward reason tbh , i like everything about this game apart from the me ruins it for me, apologies for having sparked such indignation
  3. this will demonstrate my absolute technical naivety, but is there a way to import a previous editions match engine into this game ?
  4. out of interest what type of goals are you getting with him, like open play/set pieces? long shots/one on ones/ tap ins from crosses ect?
  5. i dont see that much bickering? more a general consensus that the ME is thoroughly unenjoyable
  6. is it confirmed that there wont be any attempts to update this ME until the new game in November? I know there havent been any updates after this before on previous editions but this is just so dull to play
  7. after the update, st johnstone signed both cammy bell and niall keown on loan from partick, and mark hurst has never been on loan at bsc glasgow, none of this updated
  8. apologies if this has been raised on here, has anyone suddenly having any issues where the board request options have just completely gone and unable to make any requests at all ? have tried a few different saves and closing down and opening ect
  9. Junior Sambia's history shows montpellier made his move permanent for £25 million, most sites seem to show he went for 2.25 million, not sure if this has any sort of knock on to the transfer budget or finances but 25 million would be a crazy breaking of their transfer record !!
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