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  1. Ok, shortly after posting this I found that I can go to Custom >> Manage views >> Filter >> and select the ones that can be changed. The problem is, you have to deleted one by one. There's no option to simply delete all. I had like 200 or more views in the list, because everytime you change between views or add/change a field it saves as a new custom view on this list, which is really annoying. I'd like to suggest to add a button in this screen so we can simply delete all custom views with a single click.
  2. Everytime I edit or import a custom view of the squad, it is added to the custom view list and it simply stand there forever with no limit of custom views edited/imported, which is really annoying because the list grows bigger and bigger. Is there anyway to clear this list? I've annexed this screenshot to help you understand my issue.
  3. There is this brazilian site similar to ebay https://produto.mercadolivre.com.br/MLB-1049087724-football-manager-2019-steam-touch-2019-_JM?quantity=1 I bought from this guy and you get FM19 + Touch for R$ 115.90 ( ~USD 32 / €28 / £24 )
  4. Offside is quite broken in actual ME. I constantly have offsides when the ball bounces at the post and rebound to some of my players, but offside rule state it is not offside.
  5. Season finale. First time Champions League's winner. Here are some screenshots showing how precious Lincoln was for my AS Roma save.
  6. I don't remember seeing such terrible refereeing so far. Look at his rate. Maybe he's a Juventus supporter
  7. I had several players feeling they deserve a new contract, but when I enter talks to renew it, they offer are worse than the actual contract. I renewed at least 4 players and all that happened. I'm uploading the last one which it is happening (Lorenzo Pellegrini). The save was uploaded as " Roma 07.fm " before the contract renewal.
  8. @kmido I play him as a AM(L) Inside Forward mainly, rarely as a backup striker. He's doing quite well I can say. Not sure how he would perform as a pure striker.
  9. @stg34tx I'm using 19.2.1 4-2-3-1 Bewoulf Knap available in tactics forum
  10. I bought Lincoln from Flamengo for €4mi (potential €6mi) and look at these stats after 2½ seasons. He came without PPM. The ones he acquired I've trained him.
  11. Totally make sense. I forgot about the qualifiers. Thanks for the clarification!
  12. I'm not sure in which category this potential bug falls in, so I'm posting it here in this forum. You can see by the screenshot I'm attaching to this post that the top 2 goal scorers, the top average rating player, the top assists player, the top PoM and the top clean sheets GK of my Champions League current season are all players from clubs that are not part of CL. Besides that, they are all non-top league clubs. I'm not sure if this was happening before the lastest hotfix (19.2.2). Quite bizzare! I have uploaded my save with the name " Roma 06.fm "
  13. I just got my FM19 stuck on the same screen after clicking on a suggested player report (player of the match) after a match. It seems this crash happens just when you click on "player report" on the news screen for the PoM. Lost hours of gameplay. Really annoying and demotivating. When I right click the game in windows taskbar and ask to close I get the following screen (screenshot). However there is no way to save. The only way out was to kill the process in Windows Task Manager.
  14. Staff > Staff responsibilities Can't you change there who's managing your youth teams?
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