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  1. I have reported this just wondering if anyone had an explanation in case I was missing something.
  2. Hi, I keep finding totally unmarked players at set pieces despite me having enough free players back to mark them. See post - Leicester v Burnley Min 68.pkm
  3. Ok can anyone explain this? Free kick setup vs Free Kick ingame. Why are none of my players marking the man stood in the middle of the area by himself? Needless to say they passed to him and he scored. I have 3 players set to zonal and 3 to Go Back. Why are 6 of them marking 4 attackers and leaving the other guy completely alone??
  4. The ME is playing nicely? It;s littered with ridiculous defensive errors and players not doing anything they are told to. CD's standing and watching strikers run through on goal with no attempt to even run back.
  5. I just can't play this game right now. The ME is killing me with players not even remotely doing what is asked of them and the constant long balls over the top of my defense whilst CB's stand and watch is so annoying. Defense line on standard and have CD's with 16 pace and accel...... I don't seem to be able to replicate anything the AI does and my players often completely ignore instructions. I know it's a game and I know it shouldn't be robotic however just some degree of control over the team would be nice. Too late for a Steam refund so SI can spend my money on a hot tub in the office but I'm uninstalling until this ME is radically changed.
  6. It does seem a very odd thing for them not to have found in their own testing? Surely they would have played through a few seasons and seen this? This does make me question if they did in fact know about it and have no way to fix it.... Then making it a more serious issue of integrity.
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