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  1. Yes a lot of goals are scored that way however with this tactic there is also a lot scored from pullbacks tot he penalty spot/edge of the area. I have largely left it on Positive although I train the same tactic with Attacking and Balanced mentality in the other slots so that the players can adjust during the game based on their own intelligence. I am going to try and more conservative version and test with a lower quality team to see if it still works. Thanks for the feedback.
  2. Salah scored 21 and got 20 assists. Mane scored late teens but did get injured quite a bit and he is prone to giving the ball away. Lallana actually did very well from the IF left side on Attack, he scored 20 goals playing there and a bit in the AP role. The AP role scores a lot of goals and especially if that player has good long shots. The way this tactic is setup they score quite a few goals at the far post when the opposite WB crosses the ball, they essentially become a 2nd striker. I think the problem with the CF or PF is that they attract defenders so there is no space for your IF to attack, having the F9 draws players away from the centre when the F9 drops deeper. I am going to experiment with different roles for the striker in the next season to see if I can get more out of that.
  3. Hi all, A successful first season for me at Liverpool. This is my first creation in the Beta, a 4-1-2-3 DM Wide. It presses high and hard when out of possession but when in possession we pass short and use width to our advantage. It stretches the opposition and the F9 draws defenders out of position to allow the IF to attack the penalty area.It got off to a sluggish start as I was fiddling with it (probably shouldn't do that much fiddling early on) however it developed throughout the season in to a great tactic.Some points of note -Fitness....Oh dear god the injuries! I left training to the Ass Man but had to adjust nearly every week to get enough rest in to get players fitness back. OI - NoneCorners - Attacking ones really good, 16 league goals from corners. Not looked at defense so maybe some improvements could be made here although conceded was on a par with the lowest in the league anyway.Positions - GK - good passing, positioning, decisions.WB - STAMINA, pace, crossingCD/BPD - Pace, heading, tackling the usual here.DLP - Passing, tackling, Positioning, workrate.BBM - Stamina, pace, passing, workrate.AP - Passing, stamina, pace, workrate, longshots handy.IF - Crossing,finishing, plus good physicals.F9 - Passing, positioning, pace, finishing and plays 1-2's is a great trait.Versatile players that can play all the midfield positions helps with squad rotation.There are some individual player instructions on some positions.Any other questions please ask.Tactic https://www.mediafire.com/file/1f8ho..._Wide.fmf/file Corner Left https://www.mediafire.com/file/0p5en...ack_l.fmf/file Corner Right https://www.mediafire.com/file/nwm1l...ack_r.fmf/file
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