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  1. Pros - Increased speed Fonts sharper New scouting options Press conferences an Team meetings Cons - In Match UI is hideous, where has all the customization gone? I like many others liked to setup my match screen in a certain way and this has all gone!! WHY?!?!?!? This is a possible game breaker for me, I will stick with FM20 until this is fixed or I request a steam refund.
  2. 4 wins a row so far and i am in season 5 just taken the barca job. i have a TM that is under 6foot tall and not really got DW's but it still looks nice. With the right players it looks like a good one.
  3. score a lot less. shots probably about 1/3 of the att version. However i only gave up 1 CCC and not 7!
  4. I've made the change to defensive and standard DLE for away games and it is more solid, far less chances given up. then switch back to attack version if you want/need to grab a goal.
  5. Yes it was, my point being that they had 12 months (maybe longer if these things have been in the pipeline) to test the new features, it isn't like they had to test the entire game from the ground up.
  6. I don't understand how you can bring out a beta with so many obvious flaws when the overall game is not hugely different from last year, I mean what have you actually been doing for 12 months? However....I accept a beta is our chance to play and iron out issues so I welcome it and I welcome the bug reporting forum. What I really do not get is that when I have posted a bug in said forum by following the template and uploading my save game and then get NO REPLY from anyone to acknowledge the bug and whether it is being looked it, has been received, is it fixed etc. I have bought F
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