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  1. Please bring back the ability for human managers to have favourite personnel on their profiles. I remember it was possible on a previous game, cm03/04 i think. (wasn't that before the split?)
  2. More african leagues included? The egyptian and tunisian leagues are quite competitive, their teams appear in the african champions league final a lot. By the way... is anyone from SI really looking at this 'list'?
  3. ^ No.6 - i think it's already in the game. i've tried many times to sign 16 y/o players from lower teams and they refuse, i still offer them good money but they reject becasue they think they 'still have a lot to learn before moving on'...(thats just under 17s tho) No.11 - If you dont wanna use them, you can't stop everyone else from enjoying them.
  4. Fevs and Dave C i agree with your comments, but dave, i know it's up to you to make the decisions and how to motivate, but if your motivation stats are high, the players will react to you differently. e.g if you and alex ferguson 'encourage' a player at half, its likely that ferguson's player will react to it more, right? what i mean is the higher your motivation skills, the more you can get out of your players...right? Anyways, i think the game makers should introduce a way to spend your wages in the future, maybe FM 08? I've been managing Inter and i got to a stage where i was earning more than the players (65k p/w). Introducing the manager wages was quite a nice touch, maybe it's time to take it another step?
  5. I don't agree with that, it would spoil the realism. I never heard of a manager using his personal money to buy a player... I think it's a good thing that manager wages are left outside the players influence as much as possible, otherwise players would be able to use it for unrealistic things, or would be able to simply sign an unrealistic low wage contract to help the clubs finanaces. </div></BLOCKQUOTE> What about using it to improve your stats? during the summer you can take 'coaching courses', like improving your motivational skills, how to handle difficult players (rooney?) i.e discipline, improving your coaching technique? Managers take part in training right? so you should be able to improve your coaching stats, i.e gk training, def training. It's these little things that add fun to the game.
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