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  1. Done it for the 3rd time. Still not working
  2. How do I check this? If I go on the properties I have the authorization to modify if u mean that... I Don t really understand what s wrong
  3. @KUBI www.youtube.com/watch? v=aTTpg_B4Cdc There s no audio but it s quite understandable
  4. Just to give u a background "of me" I use a skin with faces cities stadiums and logos. I create 2d kit and I m able to put them in the game. So I m quite practical with these things. I m just saying because I know there are many people saying "I m not able" and then they Don t try to do anything
  5. Already done. Twice. I will try in an hour to post a video so u can tell me if I m doing something wrong
  6. Yes yes. It s really annoying.. I can t do even a small change.. I have looked videos on the internet and I ve seen that after you save in the middle of the screen it appears "all changes saved" I Don t have it as well. I Don t understand what s wrong
  7. Hello! I Don t know if someone has/had this problem but my editor won t save. Basically I open it, load the database, make the changes (even just creating a player) and then when I go to "save as" even if I ll press save all the modifies won t save. Anyone can help me?
  8. Hello! I recently downloaded a patch that unlock the Italian "serie D", the 4th division. Both in Serie C and D there are teams with penalization (lucchese is - 11 and Matera is - 8 for example) I opened the editor, put the database with the serie D included and then I made the changes to give penalization. Verified all with no problems but then when I go to save it says "not possible to save" ; if I press save editor as I can press save but it won t actually save anything. Can someone help me?
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