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  1. I think it would be great to have more power on the financial side of the game. Have the chance to change Prices for single tickets or seasonal ticket could make the difference and as well the possibility to choose the sponsorship for a few years. Also the club shop would be a good idea introducing as well events to sell shirts for a certain player in a certain moment. Two more "stupid" thing I would like to see is 1. a verbal agreement with players which depending on the player s personality can lead to a transfer or not 2. During the match the possibility for us to have reactions to the referee s decisions.
  2. Done it for the 3rd time. Still not working
  3. How do I check this? If I go on the properties I have the authorization to modify if u mean that... I Don t really understand what s wrong
  4. @KUBI www.youtube.com/watch? v=aTTpg_B4Cdc There s no audio but it s quite understandable
  5. Just to give u a background "of me" I use a skin with faces cities stadiums and logos. I create 2d kit and I m able to put them in the game. So I m quite practical with these things. I m just saying because I know there are many people saying "I m not able" and then they Don t try to do anything
  6. Already done. Twice. I will try in an hour to post a video so u can tell me if I m doing something wrong
  7. Yes yes. It s really annoying.. I can t do even a small change.. I have looked videos on the internet and I ve seen that after you save in the middle of the screen it appears "all changes saved" I Don t have it as well. I Don t understand what s wrong
  8. Hello! I Don t know if someone has/had this problem but my editor won t save. Basically I open it, load the database, make the changes (even just creating a player) and then when I go to "save as" even if I ll press save all the modifies won t save. Anyone can help me?
  9. Hello! I recently downloaded a patch that unlock the Italian "serie D", the 4th division. Both in Serie C and D there are teams with penalization (lucchese is - 11 and Matera is - 8 for example) I opened the editor, put the database with the serie D included and then I made the changes to give penalization. Verified all with no problems but then when I go to save it says "not possible to save" ; if I press save editor as I can press save but it won t actually save anything. Can someone help me?
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