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  1. How can I look this thing? Is it on here?
  2. Thanks! I m writing at the moment with them on Instagram but I Don t know.. So sad can t find informations
  3. Hi all! I ve been working on databases creating the youth leagues as IRL. They are working and they are good if someone wants to try and develop players however I D like to move to the next stage. I D like to qualifying the top teams to the European youth league every year. Do u know if there is a way to modify who qualify for this cup? Because I ve looked and I know that it s not easy to use editor for continental/international cups. Another solution would be re create entirely the completion but I should merge all my databases in a massive one and I Don t know if it s gonna crash.
  4. Thanks Travis! Well I have to say I created teams for stok division because of your work. I wanted to have it complete! So thank u as well. Great collaboration! In future for any problem for a nation just ask mate
  5. Thanks! Do u know anything about the youth league? It s incredible in 2019 can t find information about a competition
  6. Trying to re create the kazakhstan system. So far I have two division (third one non active) cup super cup and reserve league. Solved the bug of foreigners non getting the citizenship after 5 years as well. I have 5 questions. * First one is.. The reserve league is NOT involved in the league format am I right? * second.. Why on division 2. (3rd level) they put 17 teams if I found there are 14. *third one.. Is the league of Astana the 4th level or is it part of a multiple competition with other local areas? *fourth. What are the birinsi ligasy yugo zapad and the seve
  7. Any chance u know anything about format of youth system in kazakhstan? Can t find a single thing
  8. as they said logos can be easily recreated.. For kits.. Tbh i m not from cyprus. It was really hard to find informations about clubs of C and stok division. I do kits as well but Don t Wan t to spend years only to find photos
  9. Hi travis! I have my file out as well with everything included under19 division. Haven t set up a couple of rules u said as I wasn t aware Cipro3.0.fmf
  10. In the under19 structure how many promotion /relegation are there? Is it 3 releg from. Division A, 3 promotion and 3 releg in division B and 3 promot in division C?
  11. I ll send u the file. Of course as I said at the moment can t verify it. I isoleted the error and it s definitely on the carrying points from stage 0. SI will analyze it. Ncipro1.2.fmf
  12. I have done it a few days ago and I sent my work to SI as it seems there s a bug in the editor. Basically when in 2 division it s time for stage 1 and 2 after the first group stage if I select that teams carry points only and 50% of them doesn t verify anymore. In my file I haven t put the cup for 3rd and lower leagues but I re create the whole under19 pyramid with the 3 divisions
  13. Fixed the prom relegat problem and now I have got again this about not all stages been created.... Really frustrating
  14. Thanks! Too much focused on option rather then noticing I put the wrong name! I got another error about not matching relegations and promotions but I ll try to work it out
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