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  1. Do you know that there is an option in the preferences where you don´t have to press save but it continusly just runs till you have to react to soemthing important So mostly form Match to match. Can´t remeber right know what it is called. But it got something to do with continuesly loading. If you search the forums and threads for making the game faster someone normally suggests it there.
  2. I watched my asstistant do it for the whole first season. He mostly put generall light training. Nobody complained and the training was not the reason for the injuries. But i think the individuell attribute progress could have been better, only the youngster made some progress. This season i will try to tweak it a bit.
  3. If you accept and offer you can click accept all offers matching or higher. This should also include the position i think.
  4. How is Wolf doing? I also nee a back up goalie 125k sounds good.
  5. in my save Jahn Regensburg (!) and Arminia Bielefeld are second and third in a tight race with Köln and Greuther Fürth. Just a few more matches to go. If i look at the table irl its quite good forecast. Union has a reall good defence and attack just the midfield needs improving and my AMS are injured almost all of the time. So i hate big squads Union has around 27 players in the first team but it came in handy this season. How far did you guys go in the DFB Cup? So who do you guys plan on getting for the Bundesliga. My finances suck just 2,5 Mio. to spent in the second transfer window. I don´t like loans but maybe it the way to stay competitive. Oh and backroom staff is just *****.
  6. Started with Union Berlin, since Dynamo might have a comparable stature and Budget. Did you manage to sign any promising Players? I just got jan Kirchhoff as a free agent, three declined even i though their clubs were willing to sell.
  7. Feels a bit easier then FM17 for me. Iam playing with Union Berlin. Was expected to finish 6th and walked straight through relegation and Quatrfinals Cup round. I play a tweaked ashbringer version. But injuries are tough. As a lower league team forget about singning any promising players, they just decline. Even if i agreed a transfer with the club. This might be realistic but still even 15/16 years old from different contients won´t play for me. So iam waiting for the first transfers till i made it to first Bundesliga. Training still looks like a lot of work, and players complain like they allways did.
  8. So who did you get after making it to the bundesliga? I find it difficult to attract sufficient talented Players. I started with Union Berlin (Winter transfer now) also it seems iam going through straight. Btw the Ashbringer tactic from TFF works amazing by the way just needs some minor tweeks sometimes in defense and the aggressiveness when playing touhg opponents.
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