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  1. A draw against Cape Verde is a bad result... Man, I thought the team would be better than this. France will be tough, very tough.. Good luck.
  2. Glad to see the board is happy with your performance and won't sack you 😁 Beltran and Peque are new to me, going to look them up.
  3. Missed a few updates but congrats on winning the Champions League again and the title. Next stop the WC!
  4. I got Pereira on a free in the summer 21 after one season. Hopefully he'll be an excellent signing for Al-Sadd and later for Qatar.
  5. Guess he still thinks he can play for Portugal... Hopefully he won't get a call from them and he'll change his mind soon.
  6. Lovely players! Hopefully no failed ones. Germany could do some nasty **** for Rhein and Stiller.
  7. Thanks, looking forward to it 😁 Hopefully I can buy a new laptop as soon as possible. Just finished my first season with Qatar and Al-Sadd (but need to play the Copa America with our Qatar B and some couple of friendlies with the first squad. Game isn't going very fast though. Can't make a decision which one to buy...
  8. Will Bacher be ready for the WC 2030? And Stiller, Rhein? Can't wait to see how the team is performing at this World Cup.
  9. What? A loss? This is almost impossible! Great to see you back in the finale again.
  10. It's getting fast here with new KSA stars. Also great results with the national team.
  11. The Brazilian guys look great voor the national team, but can be a pain in the ass for the Chinese league. I'm looking forward to see what you can achieve with this save.
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