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  1. A draw against Cape Verde is a bad result... Man, I thought the team would be better than this. France will be tough, very tough.. Good luck.
  2. Missed a few updates but congrats on winning the Champions League again and the title. Next stop the WC!
  3. Feyenoord, my club! I'm praying both German will accept your invitation...
  4. I got Pereira on a free in the summer 21 after one season. Hopefully he'll be an excellent signing for Al-Sadd and later for Qatar.
  5. Guess he still thinks he can play for Portugal... Hopefully he won't get a call from them and he'll change his mind soon.
  6. Lovely players! Hopefully no failed ones. Germany could do some nasty **** for Rhein and Stiller.
  7. Thanks, looking forward to it 😁 Hopefully I can buy a new laptop as soon as possible. Just finished my first season with Qatar and Al-Sadd (but need to play the Copa America with our Qatar B and some couple of friendlies with the first squad. Game isn't going very fast though. Can't make a decision which one to buy...
  8. Will Bacher be ready for the WC 2030? And Stiller, Rhein? Can't wait to see how the team is performing at this World Cup.
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