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  1. It does, it even listed a 2 day injury haha. But thank you for clarifying and it makes me feel really positive about the upcoming release! 3 months later now and i seem to average what is to be expected!
  2. Seems that may be right for the Premier League and i'm not going to argue that after presented info but, for the dutch Eredivisie that's pretty high. I hope the game is gonna be league specific? Link might be in dutch, but it should be fairly obvious, here's all current injuries with !suspensions! in the Eredivisie , making an average of 3-4 per club. https://www.fcupdate.nl/buitenspel/ If anything, the new patch seems to kick in and injuries seems to be less frequent as it was, so well done i guess
  3. Debut news of a player had a translation error. The word appearance should be replaced with the dutch word 'debuteerde' (making his debut in english) or 'verschijning' (literal translation of appearance). The correct sentence is 'Ryan Gravenberch debuteerde op een leeftijd van...' instead it's: 'Ryan Gravenberch wedstrijden op een leeftijd van..'
  4. don't know if it's a translation, or a data issue, but Jong AZ is called Slough. Sorry if it's the wrong topic.
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