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  1. As you already said, from what I can see they all play very differently so well worth their own thread - just need more people getting involved and contributing (me included) so more is present. He does so much excellent work that he can start a new thread for every reply he does tbh lol His threads get flooded with the same questions that are easily available to people who can read, plus he always takes the time to respond (his patience is truly astounding) but it means they get bumped up to the top.
  2. When I tried a few variations of a defensive playmaker and an attacking one it ended up like
  3. lol that's insane, I think the closest I've ever seen something like that was Valencia doing an unbeaten season in one of my saves
  4. last year Charlie Taylor, I don't know what was going on, but he was the best player on the pitch regardless of the club and quality around him, picked him up at MK Dons, he was just amazing, then got the Newcastle job, signed him and again, top class, ended up at a relegated Liverpool and put together an amazing squad but got him in again, top performer.
  5. Yeah, I'd go for him - a quality player that can fill in for quite a few roles.
  6. yawn, everyone except recent city fans knows that. Are you really trying to compare tweaking some settings in an FM to pep making changes to Michels work? I'm all for a lively debate on the internet but you are just a dumbass pest, plain and simple. That much is obvious from your posts, x doesn't work please someone else give me tactics wah.... which you know what, isn't the problem, not in the slightest, it's your petty little insults when you really have nothing to contribute. Go make your own work and next time you feel the need to crap on someone else's post, eat a tide pod instead. Sorry Knap, you don't need this crap in your thread - excellent work as always.
  7. Funny, plenty seem to struggle with that and id rather not assume half of the users on this forum are brainless, some need more guidance, some don't have the experience/patience or whatever. Rethinking a tactic? please, taking someone elses great work and making a few adjustments when it will mainly work with a top/sub top or relegation candidate doesn't require brains as you put it. The first part of your name is accurate kiddo
  8. Funny how some tend give out crap for using x team, on a post where they are using someone elses work
  9. See, that's another solution - it takes you no time at all and gives you the game YOU want. No, I don't think it looks weird and you don't have to install those rules, it was just an example to provide more of a challenge - when you consider that Witsel went to china over juve, Neymar left barca for PSG, Juninho to boro, lombardo to palace and less than 20 years ago man city was a division 2 team and now they have one of the best squads in the world - lots of weird stuff happens. Spirit of football? You mean money? Criticism is good if it's constructive.
  10. Why are you bothering to play it then? Your argument for Wolves being made champions in 3/4 years as opposed to real life goes against everything this game is, you might as well go in holiday mode, wait for a man city style take over, spend a billion in a few seasons and then challenge? If you spend the time getting to know everything that gives you the advantage then, of course, the game becomes easy - the game is made for the masses, not the elite few who have hundreds of hours to pour it, or do you want it made so punishingly difficult that only the "elite" can play it? I find it easy, but I don't want that, I want it to be accessible and enjoyable to as many people as possible. If you want to make it more difficult, then set your own rules to make it harder - only sign players from Norway and can only select players under the age of 23...etc... plenty of things you can do yourself - one of the most fun games I had was a 5 season challenge to win the champions league with Aston Villa using only German players Difficulty is subjective, plenty will find this hard, plenty will want PnP tactics, plenty will come and whine without actually looking at themselves for a solution (whaaa why can't I use exploits, its in the game for a reason, whaaa, its not hard enough) I'm not aiming that at you btw pemb, but it's all over these forums in general and I feel a little common sense and self-reflection is required.
  11. Lol Jesus, give him time to play the game, patch only just came out
  12. You have to cater for every type of player which makes it difficult if not impossible on how to set the AI because you will never please everyone. If I spend a significant amount of time creating a solid tactic I don't want it to just be countered after a season of success, it can take years building the team to be exactly how you want it. I set myself challenges to make it harder, only sign players from x country or players within a certain age range or only play this style/formation. What you sometimes get is someone picking united, downloading the latest wonder tactic then going "oh game is too easy look at how awesome I am" A dynamic difficulty option or a rival option that makes an AI more aggressive/astute could be interesting that kicks in upon meeting certain criteria
  13. That's not quite correct, a few months ago they were failing to meet FFP regulations and had to cut costs quite significantly. Yes they have been bought by a billionaire who has been putting in some money in, but it's not covered everything. Money might be made available in January but they are still very much in transition. Have you played to January? You might find some of that money is made available or further funds is being added
  14. Yeah you can, but the op hasn't, which is totally fine. I'm of the opinion that if you play single player, do it however you want and enjoy the game. If others are involed then its a bit scummy tbh. Is it a cheat? Not really, but if it's more effective than it should be due to how the ME works, then its an exploit. I like using 3 strikers and I'm a big fan of wingbacks but I refused to use it in 18 as it was just far too strong, I had hoped that this years version has fixed that but doesn't seem so.
  15. Lol I always laugh at this kinda stuff. Well done for the streak and creating a solid setup but don't open with "I like a challenge" then recreate the most exploitative tactic from last year.
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