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  1. has anybody tried to play online ? we are a 4 people group playing turkish league. if we play matches between us there is usually a problem. there are serious bugs in your online feature. today we were making a match between us and we played 2 different matches. the one on my computer was 2-0 and the match on my friend's computer resulted 0-1. the game gave us both "different match score error", not compatible bla bla and i am sick of fm 2019 bugs. football manager must be a respectable game after all. i am playing this game since i was 14 years old. how can't you fix these bugs ? this is really bad quality
  2. sayın türkiye head researcherımız bir çok kez sesimi ingilizce olarak duyurmak için çabaladım. 3d match engine problemini bakıyorum hiç bir türk forumda yazmamış. arkadaşlar sizler hoplama zıplama olmadan maçları izleyebiliyor musunuz ? hiç sanmıyorum. geçen yıl fm 18de başlayan bu ezik hata bu yıl da aynen devam ediyor. ben championship ardından football manager serisini 97den beri oynuyorum. bunca para verip karşılığını 2d maç izlemek olarak almak çok üzücü. perpetua türkiye kolu olarak 3d match engine topic'inde benim sürüsüyle yorumumu görebilirsiniz. lütfen siz de ekibe bastırınız. bilgisayarım laptop evet masaüstü değil. neden olmak zorunda ki ? dell'in çok yüksek ve pahalı (söylemesi ayıptır) bir laptopu. dxdiag'larımı istediler. bu arada bu konuyu yardıran herkese aynı soğukkanlılıkla bunu soruyorlar. herşeyi verdim güya update edecekler. yahu arkadaş 2 yıldır aynı grafik hatası, match engine looserlığı konuşulur mu ? kusura bakma perpetua sizin yazılımcı tayfa çömez olmuş nerede eski ekip ? sanki oyun diye counter strike veya pop g oynuyorum da bana utanmadan ekran kartı ayarlarını medium veya low olarak maçı izlemem öneriliyor. yahu menejerlik oyunu 1 top maks 22 küçük adam el insaf !
  3. why there has to be a difference with laptop ? there is a say about comparing laptop and desktop i know that but my laptop is a gaming laptop and it's dell and i am sorry to say this it is not cheap. what is your desktop ? a very good computer ? with a 780 i don't think so. do not get offended i am not saying these to offend you. i am saying these because they need to feel guilty to fix this problem because there is not any excuse left at all.
  4. i know i am overreacting but in fm 18 nobody fixed anything about it. and exactly one year ago we were told to use data analyst view which work just fine. so i am overreacting because one year passed and we are still at the same point. this is a serious disappointment.
  5. why would we turn off the shadows that the game can work properly ? are you not gonna fix anything ??? do you thing they go first with fifa 19 beta and they expect everything from loyal players to give best info that they can fix problems ? NEGATİVE
  6. i tried these steps nothing changed
  7. i am getting lag on high and medium graphics quality. i didn't and will not try low settings. why would i ? is that ok for you if i say in low quality mode your game works fine ? Shouldn't you correct match engine problems here ? This is my complaint and that's why we are playing beta version, am i right ? İ am definitely sure that my laptop is enough for fm 19 or fm 18. İ am a loyal championship / football manager player and i feel players for at least 10 years like me deserve much more
  8. how come ? for example in unit section if i put a player to attacking unit he will be trained crossing ?
  9. Hi to all, in fm 2018 match engine was really bad and i was hoping that you would correct that. i bought 2 laptops for this game , right now my computer is dell and the preferences are : intel core i7-7700hq cpu@2.80ghz 16 gb ram 64 bit operating system nvidia geforce gtx 1060 with max-q design this is not "counter-strike" it is only a football game (not even fifa 19) and i really can't understand the reason why you don't correct the match engine
  10. why we can't train crossing to players individually ?
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