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  1. I have no idea how and why i have only two options about Europa League when i told them at the end of the previos season we gonna try to compete. Now i have two options: Going till the finals or later stages of the EL. WHY?
  2. mouse is working fine. i always use windowed mode. on fullscreen mode when i press ESC button, it acts like i would press windows button. i literary tried every possibility with cache clearing with or without restarting the pc uninstalling and reinstalling with or without restart the pc in before hand or afterwards, nothing helps. i used on this same config fm19 and i never had such a problem.
  3. this problem still occurs time to time. right know i tried first to clear cache in game and restart pc - didnt help deleted manually all files from appdata related to fm20 - didnt help deleted again all appdata files related fm20 and uninstalled and reinstalled it to another drive via steam - didnt help. any suggestions?
  4. its very strange. next day in the morning it didnt worked, in the afternoon i turned on my PC again, then it worked fine. Now its the same. I use a raw fm20 without anything installed, i used fm19 on this same setup and i never had an issue with this. edit: i just tested going on holiday for a few months, then all shortcuts working again, but if i close the game and restart it, its not working again. DxDiag.txt
  5. The same issue happened again and neither uninstalling and reinstalling the game nor deleting cache files helped and restarting the PC helped. Any other solutions?
  6. it happened again but this time neither uninstall game and reinstalling or deleting cache files fixed the problem. any other options?
  7. Since yesterday out of the blue, the SPACE bar stopped working as "game continue" although it is set as "game continue" and i can't scroll down or even edit any shortcuts in the game. All are greyed out. Alt+Tab'ing stopped working as well. If you alt tab to a new tab then it pops up. but if i do it with FM as main window, alt tab function doesnt work.
  8. my international strikers need 5-8 clean chances to score one goal but if a 18 matches 1 goal 10 average stat striker goes 1on1 with my keeper he gets the scroe on first shot.
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