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  1. Any advice on how to manage them? They won't sack the manager!
  2. Just finished my 3rd season...and this game is broken, won the Seria A . I haven’t been approached for the National Team’s job, but I do “follow” them. Is there a way to request the job, declare interest in it or do anything to ensure I am aware if theres a vacancy?
  3. Was there a FM18 thread for this challenge? Struggling to find it.
  4. Just finished my game with Bilbao and absolutely loved it! A small tip from me is to invest heavily in signing players U17/youth intake who arent part of the critiria for being Basque, then reap the rewards!
  5. Is there any nationality criteria/eligibility we can take advantage of? e.g ensuring an Italian player plays for San Marino (club) for a number of years, then becomes a citizen? I doubt it, but thought I'd ask. When I was Bilbao, I would sign players U17/youth intake and they would count as Basque once 17...
  6. I didn’t want to risk the custom DB...So I holidayed and thankfully San Marino were in Seria C after the first season. I won the league comfortably (8 points), setting records for most goals, wins and points, among others. However, I didn’t use any players the club had, let alone any players from San Marino. Instead I utilised my loan signings (44!) who were my first XI and subs, unsurprisingly we used 39 players in the league, the highest. (I had to send a few to my U20 team as my staff couldn’t cope with the training and for some reason, I couldn’t terminate the loans?) Despite all this, average attendance was 11% with 648 persons. Furthermore, although I was eliminated immediately from the Seria C Cup, I won the Seria C Super Cup. My Under 18’s won the league and the Italian Super Cup, beating Lazio 4-1! while my U20’s also won the Italian U20 Division 3. I managed to persuade the Board to upgrade our data facilities, Junior Coaching and Youth Recruitment a number of times resulting in; · Exceptional junior coaching · Well establish youth recruitment However, I think I may regret this in the long run with the huge expenses…especially upgrading data facilities twice with the board refusing to allow me to hire any… Frustratingly my biggest expense is staff wages, which doesn’t make sense as none are my players and there is no decent youth in the squad, apart from 2 who have come from this year’s youth intake. Finally, just before my last game, we were taken over while being -£400,000. The new consortium removed this debt, increased our balance to £130,000, but took a bank loan of £130,000 as well. Lesson learnt going ahead! P.S big respect to the person also doing the youth challenge as well! I think if I tried that in Seria C, almost certain to be relegated. P.S x2 San Marino won three games in their European International League, finishing second in the group after Armenia, and above Malta and Azerbaijan. However, same old in the Euro Qualifiers with three losses out of three, conceding 10 and scoring 0.
  7. Anyone had any luck with getting Haringey Borough? Their reputation is quite low in a competitive league.
  8. How is everyone approaching this challenge? I have personally chosen to loan unlimited number of players on a free loan (20+), while paying no wages. I initially chose to utilise my senior affiliates players, but then chose to scout all the Seria A teams and their squads, and surprisingly there were many that were happy to join us! I've then decided to choose to use our funds to invest in the club. Then work long term with the youth products…
  9. Has anyone had their C team promoted to a playable league yet? Just wondering whether or not to put any players in there... Cheers,
  10. Thank you! Feel free to close thread.
  11. Hopefully a simple addition/request (if it already isn’t in the game!), I currently manage my beloved Besiktas in Turkey and alternate my first XI depending on the Competition played. The Turkish Cup is quite weak and therefore my players usually do well and achieve high average ratings, however, when it comes to European Competitions, those individuals who played well in the Cup and who I give a chance to, don’t. So my simple request would be, could it be possible to sort/vary the display of average ratings by competitions instead of me clicking on each player one-by-one and seeing how they did in each competition, this would help me and hopefully others by seeing how the player was able to cope/perform in different competitions and work out why it was, e.g better performance in Cup football compared to European may mean the player isnt good enough for that step up, etc, etc. Hope it makes sense, IOA
  12. Hello all, Just wanted to ask a quick question and gather some opinions about the title… I currently have the best training facilities available in the game with the best coaches in every area, giving me some of the highest coaching stars for training. However, I have numerous young players whom are U21 and should be playing at a higher level than U21 and U18 but are not quite good enough for my first team. I have therefore been sending them out on loan to play regular football in other clubs in my league or lower down the divisions, and therefore not enabling them to take advantage of my “State of art training facilities", am I doing the right thing? What do you all prefer? Regular football or training at "State of art training facilities"? Thanks in advance!
  13. Good luck, Any chance of a screenshot for Mr. Healey? Reoccuring theme of local lads on the game who I've played with lol
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