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  1. 39 minutes ago, WeePaul said:

    Good to hear. I could see an argument for it maybe even being higher but no complaints with -85 here. 

    Its a tricky one I originally had him set at 9 but after a discussion with stuart we decided -85 was a better suit as giving him a 9 would give him the same potential as being as good as messi which is unlikely 


    8 minutes ago, WeePaul said:

    Have to admit, I do agree that seems a bit harsh. That's a range of 120-150 right? I'd have thought we'd see him at -85 at a minimum. 

    Not many players are involved in first team games at 16, and considering his involvement towards the end of last season and how highly we know he's regarded I think it would be reasonable to have him able to go beyond 150CA.

    Just rechecked the data there, he is currently set to a -85 which is between 140-170

  3. 1 hour ago, Hairycull said:

    Karamoko Dembele PA is only 149? Ridiculously low considering how many clubs are wanting to sign him. He is one of the most exciting young prospects in the world. And a lot of people were excited to see him finally in a Football Manager.

    Set at a random PA of -75 which is reasonably acceptable considering his current involvement with the first team

  4. On 02/11/2019 at 14:25, joe5p said:

    Hi Logan1888, is there a reason that 17 year old keeper Oluwayemi wouldn't be added. As referenced earlier, he signed form Spurs and is an England U17 international. He is definitely 17. Also, the other keeper was 16 when signed in summer. Here are both articles. Wouldn't seem to make sense to leave them out. 



    Both are on pro contracts. 



    iv Just added both just now, angelini was missed as i wasnt sure of date of birth but has been fixed now, and Tobi had to be created from scratch


  5. On 31/10/2019 at 21:44, Conor67 said:


    U18 - Missing players: Tobi Oluwayemi, Josh Adam, Finn McRobb, Owen Moffat, Tsoanelo Letsosa, Adam Brooks, Ben McPherson, Matthew Anderson, Ben Doak, Mackenzie Carse.

    Most of the players listed are under the age of 16 which means they’re not eligible to feature, only McRobb and Moffat will be added


  6. 4 hours ago, Matthew51 said:

    Few points for Celtic:

    Mikey Johnston for Celtic is right footed but in-game is a left footer.

    Jermemie Frimpong probably deserves a higher potential based on performances for the first team.

    Bolingolis defending is harsh and was most likely judged based on celtics champions league qualifers, been consistent since and was for rapid.

    Ryan Christie has been Celtics best player for a year now and should at least be ahead of Tom Rogic in rating

    Everything else seems spot on:thup:

    Pretty fair point, i’ll have a look at them again as most were judged on pre champions league qualifiers

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