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  1. Hello @Adam Bell Thank you for your prompt reply. Yes, this workaround works like a charm and the touch is now working correctly. Thanks a lot, you are a life saver. Hope there will be permanent fix in the future. Regards, Samuel
  2. The touch is not working correctly or not at all since latest update. I cannot even start a new game. If I touch 1 thing it will select another one. This is gamebreaking for me as I am not able to even start a new game. It was working without any issues before latest patch. Please fix this asap. Another issue is when you are typing something for example in the search bar or when you are creating a new manager, whatever you are typing will not appear on the blank space. Any other Samsung Tab A user here experiencing these same issues?
  3. Yeah, wrong footed inverted wingers. I have Greenwood on the right and Rashford on the left. A fast striker is definitely a must for this tactic. Martial scored 56 goals in 1 season before I sold him and bought Mbappe.
  4. 77 goals from 46 apps. Who can beat this?? Next season's objective- 100 goals 😉
  5. This one https://community.sigames.com/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=273828 For me it works away from home but you have to follow Knap's advice and recommendations because he is the tactician.
  6. FMT has the same ME and AI as full fat fm. I think you are referring to FMM. Please stop misleading people with your stupid comments!!
  7. Yeah. The result is on the latest patch. Tip: If ever you are 1 man down, switch to Sicilian 4222 with only 1 PF and you should be able to grind a result.
  8. Fantastic. In January and only 1 unlucky defeat so far. What I like the most about this tactic is the beautiful play and the lone striker scores lots of goals as well as the inverted wingers. Will post some screenshots later. What about your save?
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