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  1. I actually found a way to do it. it was under print screen option i think. I will check and correct myself If I am wrong.
  2. I think it depends on each Manager how he manages his squad and tactics, I also like to stick to a primary tactic and use 2 other backup tactics or situational tactics. I sign first team players and bench player. the first team are specialists and the bench players are flexible. The bench player might have less current ability but his versatility along with other factors like personality or player traits might make him better than the first team player. The more different the tactics are; the more time it will take for you to become familiar with them. But it become more useful as the sea
  3. I don't think the list of tactical style is comprehensive. I nearly always create my own style. When choosing any tactical style, The important things to consider are: Match situation (leading, drawing, behind) for example you might want to play possession if you are drawing, counter if you are leading and attacking if you are behind. player attributes. I will mention the main ones in the section below. Media prediction of where the team will finish The Structure of your squad (Core attributes, depth vs quality, flexibility vs specialization) if you have mor
  4. I would really like to see an option to export files in a csv format. So that I can analyise the match, use my own ratios and trend analysis from game to game. Maybe in the next FM.
  5. Hi, I am hosting an online game Server name is Big League no password Timing is 9 PM - 11 PM UTC -5 Hrs Hosting Friday to Sunday
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