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  1. That doesn't explain why I'm losing money compared to every other season where the money flowed in, same types of friendlies, same types of fees and revenues.
  2. As I've said, I've done this many times before. When booking the friendlies, I always select the teams that offer the best return, usually 4k to 8k, so this is unlike any other preseason I've done in the game. In all fairness, I usually get anywhere between 300k to 500k profit over the preseason. So getting close to -60k is unusual.
  3. Could anyone explain this, I organised a bunch of high profile friendlies as I usually do to balance the books. On the countless occasions I've done this before, I've always managed to make a very large profit. I was expecting to go from -96K to at least 200K. However, there's large amounts going on 'other' expenditure meaning, the income generated by these friendlies has been nullified. The club is in discussions in regards to a takeover, does anyone know if this could what is affecting this income.
  4. National League South - 7th Place, defeated in first play-off round League | Squad | Finances | Transfers | Released | Manager Profile | Tactics It turned out to be a decent first campaign. We struggled at first, but once a few players had come in, the team found some form. We managed a play-off spot, but I wasn't expecting much as we'd lost most of our games against tough opposition, we were just dispatching many of the mid to bottom table sides. We finished with a good goal difference thanks to the leagues 5th best attack and 4th best defence. Financially, the first season wa
  5. Hopefully this attempt will succeed. Sorted out my save options.
  6. Hey all, unfortunately my save file corrupted and because I had modified the save file to one file and save every three months while I holidayed, but forgot to switch back, I had no older save to fall back on. I'm currently doing a different save, my own club, but I will probably come back to this at some point.
  7. 2021-2022 National League, 7th League|Squad|Finances|Transfers|Released|Manager Profile|Tactics Well another season is over, we were predicted to finish 19th and after a great start to the season which saw us flirting with the play-off places, we started to fade. The tactics from the previous season no longer worked and we stopped scoring whilst conceding enormous amounts. This led to lots of tweaking as I tried to patch things up and the club's worst ever run of games with 11 league games without a win. We found ourselves all the way down in 18th spot. But with a new tactical set-up
  8. Not at all, I tend to tinker during the season. If I see results begin to drop, I look at changing things around. I believe that if you go on a good run, teams change their approach so it's important to adapt. But I keep it as close to the original set-up as possible. I have began the new season well, but that soon dropped with some dreadful results, so I'm currently looking to balance it up again. During the matches, I just use a lot of shouts to keep the players on their toes.
  9. Sure, I thought I had. Thanks, I'm looking forward to it.
  10. League|Squad|Finances|Transfers|Released|Manager Profile|Tactics 2020-2021 What a season! South Shields finished firmly top of the league, breaking several records along the way, and grabbed themselves an FA Trophy in front of 19,000 fans at Wembley. Finishing well above expectations, South Shields ran away with the title. The team finished with a record amount of goals scored and the best attack in the league, this was coupled with the best defence. They beat the league's record for points and wins. After a disappointing elimination in the FA Cup, South Shields mended this with a gr
  11. But looking in-game Brighton are said to be based in Brighton, so that database error could explain it. So whereas South Shields are down as based in South Shields, part of the Newcastle urban area. Brighton, who are based in Falmer, part of the Lewes urban area, are put down as Brighton. Not sure how this affects things in-game.
  12. It's possible, South Shields are kind of part of greater Newcastle though, and have Gateshead to contend with. From what I read (if I understood properly), the team became Gateshead in the past, and a new team was formed. Personally, I think the Whitehawk reputation may be misleading. I read up about them, they have been in the media quite a bit over the past few years as their supporters are anti-rascism, pro-LGBT... and the club do a lot of work in those areas, which makes them interesting. On another note, Brighton and Hove Albion are not technically based in Brighton, but in Falmer, meanin
  13. Yeah, that's ideal I think. Whitehawk cannot really afford to lose 500/600k in a stadium expansion. For the second expansion, the funds were injected, but that first one came straight out of the balance.
  14. Nice start. I would say the challenge financially will truly begin when they start expanding the ground, as it's needed to meet league regulations, but not needed in terms of support. It's weird how with South Shields I'm getting the same attendance in National League North that I got with Whitehawk in League One, especially considering the size of Brighton, you'd expect there to be a steady growing number.
  15. 2019-2020 League | Squad | Finances | Transfers | Released | Manager Profile My first season with South Shields is over and we exceeded expectations finishing up in 4th place. The season began in a non-consistant way, one win was followed by a loss seing us sitting just below the play-off zone, but with some decent signings and tactical tweaks, we ended up ending the season on a 10 match winning streak. The first play-off saw us dismiss Chester 6-1 before we went out in a 3-2 thriller away to Stockport. Promotion wasn't for this season, but with the squad we have, plus some additions
  16. I was having 16/17 games against PL and Championship sides to try and balance the books, the only reason the club weren't 10M in the red was because of that. As I've mentioned, the wages were always well within budget, and I made sure of no pointless expenses (such as yearly wage rises or unused sub fees...). The Whitehawk board were just very hard to deal with and they didn't once inject money into the club, apart from the one stadium expansion. I'm already seeing the difference with South Shields, a strong preseason and I'm over half a million in the positive. There's not much to do with
  17. So I've decided to start anew this time I chose South Shields from the six available clubs, let's hope for a better result.
  18. Well 13 games into my first season in League One and I was fired for requesting improved training facilities (they were still the basic ones I had all the way back in National South). I was lying in the relegation zone, my National League grade players struggling to do anything. My main problem was not being able to attract anyone above National League, decent League 2 level as the club's reputation was still at that level, then finances meant I couldn't offer the same wages as most League 1/2 sides. I had just played Man Utd in the 4th round of the league cup and lost 5-0, but the money earne
  19. The 2025-2026 saw Whitehawk gain promotion to League 1. In an unexpected over achievement, the team finished firmly in 5th spot after a consistent campaign which saw them finish with the second best attack and a good defence. In the play-offs Whitehawk dispatched Plymouth losing 2-1 away but securing a place in the final with a 2-0 extra time victory at home. In the final Whitehawk demolished Bristol Rovers 3-0. The media and board's prediction of dead bottom once again destroyed. As usual there was some business in the transfer market but only a couple of major reinforcements. There was
  20. I thought the same, but I'm too far into it now.
  21. It's part of the challenge's rules to keep attribute masking on.
  22. Thompson wasn't actually my best player. He spent most the year on 3 stars, O'Leary is better both in those terms (League 2 compared to National League) and in stats. Thompson left because he wanted to be first choice, which wasn't an option. I've not really had any trouble getting rid of players, if no one wants to buy them, there is usually a team willing to take them on loan and pay their wages in full. Long contracts means tying people up without them needed wage increases, I refuse yearly wage increases. If you do a year contract, they will want a rise the following season. I'll look in t
  23. 2024-2025, the first season in League 2 is over and until very late in the season, it looked like promotion may have been on the cards. The form was consistent throughout but the players seemed to get tired in the latter stages meaning we moved from 3rd to 10th place over the last quarter. I've noticed that during this season my staff considered all but two of my players to be suitable for National North/South leagues. Only my goalkeeper is considered a decent League 2 player and Charlton loanee Prout is considered a good National League player. Prout had been on loan with us for four seasons
  24. I was ill for a few days so got to blast some leagues out, will probably move at a slower pace moving forward
  25. That was a crazy season but we overachieved the goal of a play-off spot to secure the national league in our final game, it was a close last couple of weeks. The day following our crowning as champions, the board announced that we were going professional and they injected 1M into the finances, which went straight back out to expand the stadium to 5,5K. So this means the finances are still quite dire going into the new season. I figured that the team that got us promoted deserve their shot at glory, so next season I will keep the bulk of the squad, just strengthening where needed and if the rig
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