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  1. Hi Russell, I'm now on 11/07/2024 and it still hasn't happened. I have asked the board and got told no due to financial constraints only for them to bring up 3 weeks later that they wanted improve the youth level. Again they advised it would be done by the end of the season but there has so far been no increase in youth level and again I am in the U18 Div 3 league! Regards Meds
  2. Hi Russell, You are right in that the board accept the request to push for the next youth level and confirm that this should be completed by the end of the season, however I am now mid way through the next season and the youth level still remains at level 3 and no changes have been made. Is this correct? Regards Meds
  3. Hi Russell I have uploaded the file Tigers Rebuild.fm. Regards M
  4. Hi Russell, I have had both scenarios. They have agreed to upgrade the level and it hasn't happened. I also have a significant amount of money in the coffers and they are rejecting my requests to upgrade so am at a loss!?!?! I have tried on several saves to upgrade my Youth level and have yet to do it on this version of FM. Cheers. M
  5. Any update with this as I am in a very similar situation? Cheers Darren
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