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  1. Hello, I was playing with some friends in a Hotseat Fantasy Draft, and we noticed at the first game against each other that the away manager isn't able to shout or do anything outside of the Tactics: the away manager is still able to sub and change tactics, but even if I click on the top left team name it's impossible to switch to the away team in other things rather than the tactics page. How can I solve this issue (if it's possible)?
  2. Hello everybody, I changed my whole hardware, switching from a GTX 970 to a RX5700XT, only keeping the SSDs and HDDs from my previous build. Football Manager 2020 it's the only game that is giving me this issue: when I open it the writings and the images are very sharp, and after few minutes the game crashes. I obviously deleted all the Nvidia drivers and installed the AMD ones, and I also have reinstalled Windows 10 but the issue remains and I don't know how to fix it. If anyone knows what I could to to fix it it would be very helpful!
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