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  1. So far I am loving FM19 and into my 4th season with Man United there is 1 thing that is annoying me so much. When i buy a star player or a wonder kid etc. i try to give them 4-5 year deals as soon as possible to tie them down to the club. But within literally 6 months (i.e. the summer transfer window to January) they have a "pre-concern" where they want a new contract. This makes literally no sense as they all have 4 and a half years remaining on the current one. Normally i would ignore this but i have noticed whenever they have the pre-concern their determination will often decrease by 1. This has absolutely destroyed my wage budget as they all want £50,000 wage increases with massive bonuses even when their current contract looks damn fine to me. Wouldn't it make more sense to wait maybe 2-3 years before a player wants an improved contract because it is happening so frequently for every single player on my team. So is anyone else having this occurrence when managing bigger teams or just me?
  2. I'm having at least one major injury every single game, without fail. I've noticed other teams have similar numbers of injuries as well. I have highest rated physio and sport scientist in the Bundesliga overall. How do i reduce the amount of injuries i am getting, its roughly 2-3 every game with 1 major. My players are all 100% condition 100% match sharp at the beginning, but always get injured and now I have no wing backs or midfielders available... By the way, I'm on September 23rd so less than 2 months into the game and i have half a team.
  3. I had 9 injuries during pre season (excluding 1-3 day injuries) with 100% fit 100% match sharp players. 4 of those injuries were major and at least 3 months which affected 3 of my star players. Is this normal? I invested in physios and sports scientist at the very beginning and have the highest ratings for Bundesliga in both physio and sport scientist stat, but my players are constantly injured. 2 of the major injures were in the same match and one of my players was a substitute in the 70th minute and got injured seconds after he went on. Will we expect to see this crazy high amount of injuries in the full release?
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