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  1. Hello, I am playing an online career with a friend. Not sure if I made any mistake or skipped any setting, but something weird happened: yesterday I was selecting my starting lineup for a match coming up right after. I was half-way (had selected goallie and defenders, was working on midfielders) when my computer got disconnected from the server. Fortunately my friend (who hosts the game) had saved few moments prior. So today he started the server again, and when I connected I found out not only that the system had already played the match when I was not there (which at least I won!! LOL), but also finished picking the team, and changed my formation (I had 4-2-3-1, it picked a 4-1-2-2-1 DM) and mentality...everything while I was disconnected. I checked preferences and even staff responsibilities to see if I had any setting about my assistant coach taking control of the team in my absence but nothing popped up. Hope you can give me feedback whether I am doing something wrong or that is a bug or so, but I hope it does not happen again for it takes away all the fun if I cannot direct my own matches...!! Thank you!
  2. Hi guys! For the first time ever since I play FM, this year my friend and I decided to start an online career together. As we are both new to that, we have some issues and I hope you can give me some tips. So we initially could not find each other servers, eventually we decided to set up the download region to have the same (I'm in the US, he is in Italy...I changed mine into Italy). We were then able to get into each other game, but: when I entered his game, I had extremely high waiting times from one page to another (minutes), and same when he tried to join my server (we both had very fast page switching when we were hosting the game). We also tried with my download region and him switching to mine, same issue. We tried and joined public leagues to see if that issue would happen also joining other servers, but it does not. We both have fast cable connection, and working well. The only thing we did not try is to have the computers connected via cable rather than WIFI. I wonder if this issue depends on the fact that this is a beta version, or because we are on WIFI rather than cable, or any other that you guys may have in mind...? I read somewhere that we could change the "rendering" option from CPU assisted to something else, but I cannot find that option on the "interface" panel. I hope someone can give me some guidance, for the way it is now playing online is not feasible!
  3. I am trying to set a recovery session for the day after a match but every time I choose it and click on "confirm", the change does not reflect in the schedule (so far the only change not reflected, if I select any other type of training, my schedule will show it). If I try and set it from the "training schedule changes" message I receive in the inbox from my assistant coach, I can see the recovery appearing in the schedule. However, as soon as I change page/message, when I go back to training the recovery session disappears again. I wonder if I am doing something wrong or that is a bug...thanks!!!
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