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  1. Using the FM20.2BEOWULF442WAFKnapP107ALLCUPS here with Fenerbahçe, and it works really well for me, especially against other top teams. Second season in a row I made it to the semifinals in the CL beating teams like PSG and Manu. Only struggling against smaller teams in the domestic competition (might be because I rotate alot during these games)
  2. Yep, that's also the strategy I am following with my Fenerbahce career. I've had some great FA signings like Matheur Perreira and Kenneth Omeruo and was able to loan first team players like Zinchenko, Dalot and Jovic. The difference we see between a save in Fener and Gala is that when managing Gala, you will get much more offers for your players then for Fener. I can barely sell any unwanted player, guess that has to do with the reputation of the club
  3. So how did you handle the financial problems with Gala than? My brother is in season 3 now with finishing on top of the league for the first two years and decent success in the CL. He still is not able to make any notable transfers due to the FFP rules and the board cutting the transferbudget
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