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  1. Couldn't download them myself, would lose a lot of the fun! I love finding out what works for my team and buying players to fit the gaps how I like to play!
  2. If I am in the final 2 weeks of any transfer period, I really struggle to finish the gaming session without passing it, 95% of the time will play the games and rush through to next session ready to go with the new squad.
  3. So ideally you're looking for a captain/professional role model and then 2/3 young wonderkids? Any idea of what bests works for numbers and how many?
  4. Had a player miss 2 penalties this year and was on for a 4.5 after missing an open goal before I obviously subbed him!
  5. I've never seen mentoring have a strong effect in the game as of yet, just leave it to assistant to organise but definitely gonna try it out this game further
  6. Cheers for letting me know, so not too much point carrying on I guess, big shame.
  7. I've started my save yesterday and had done two pretty big 2/3 hour sessions on it and just started the season now, really enjoying it! Do you think the determination issue will affect me noticeably? I hadn't noticed it until I saw this just now, will they be able to adjust my current save so I don't have to restart?
  8. I agree, all the 3D goals I see just look screamers from nowhere first time, with 2D you can almost slow that down and imagine a scuffed shot in the corner 😂
  9. New idea to me! Means you'll never be stuck with the same team the entire way although may loose some of the originality for me! I used to do a big team like Arsenal on FM2007 and manage Shrewsbury (home team) at same time but just took up too much time
  10. Seen Chris Wood score 21 in the prem first year, get relegated then get 28 in the championship the next year? Target Men best for FM20? 😂
  11. Happened every time on mine so far, goes to a Brazilian club of places! I've seen Robbie Brady go to Basel on a season long loan and Redmond has gone to Arsenal for £40 million after the first year, only to be sold for £15 back to Southampton the next year
  12. Honestly don't think I'd play half as much if I had to watch 3D all the time, it may be due to my graphics not being the smoothest but when I watch 3D on Loki Doki's stream for example it doesnt look smooth!
  13. Got plans later in year (probably after Winter Update) to do a journeyman in Italy, like you see many of their managers do! So starting in Serie C/D and working way up to manage the Milan's, Juve etc.
  14. Yeah I couldn't agree more with the Man City thing, also find it's too cut throat for me! I like being able to try out new players, youngsters, formations etc. and lose 1 or 2 and it not spiral out of form as badly! Love a mid table grind!
  15. Any club in league 1 from the start of the game as a Shrewsbury fan, just can't handle playing against them!
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