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  1. The fact that I have recently spent more time on these forums trying to find help for my tactics and reading opinions from other users than actually playing the game says it all really. There has been a noticeable shift in recent years but once in a while I find myself indulging but since the ME update it's sapped any enjoyment I was getting. I'm going to give it another crack in the vain hope I find some semblance of joy from this years version.
  2. Not sure what has happened with the new ME but it's absolutely destroyed any enjoyment I was getting from FM. An absolute abomination.
  3. @DannyFM87 what tactics are you using? I'm really struggling.
  4. Currently 10 games in and playing Pogba in a CMA role. Not blow-you-out-of-the-water brilliant but he's my best player. He's not the heartbeat of the side which is what I wanted. I'm having real problems with my left IF, it's Martial or Rashford and I'm not getting anything out of them at all. Anybody care to help?
  5. For the last few iterations of FM I've experienced a few scenarios in the ME too many times. I find that when a wide player crosses the ball, occasionally, the ball goes to the near post and the keeper makes a save, which is then classed as a 'great save' in the text commentary. Not an issue if it happens infrequently but this can happen once a game. Also when the ball is overhit and nearly goes in at the back post and the keeper saves it it is too frequent. I've noticed that this year that these same issues are still there. Granted I appreciate that the 2D ME in not always an accurate representation but I find it rather daft that this scenarios are classed as 'highlights'. I would've hoped that they'd have been ironed out by now. Not liking the interface, it seems overwhelming. Too much going on, too much information for the eye to process. I'm finding the whole thing quite clunky and during matches it lags dreadfully therefore I find it hard to get any momentum in terms of getting to know the intricacies of the UI and ME during match day. I'm not finding much joy from any of this game yet however I've not really be able to have a proper bash so here's hoping it'll grow on me. Plus I'm struggling tactically!
  6. Has anyone noticed that newgens have stupidly high set piece attributes. I've holidayed until 2030-ish and most of the newgens have ridiculously high free kick, corner, penalty, long shot and long throw attributes. Seems like the attributes are unevenly distributed? A few examples: http://gyazo.com/86522d9014106ffca4c13b48f28b4886 http://gyazo.com/3ac5a6c94facec4bc4e414b42f582794 http://gyazo.com/32b474cfea8b371e774e64f3a423b35a http://gyazo.com/b8c5c38dca03bbd52836bacab9575b66
  7. Since the update it's certainly noticeable that my fortune has changed dramatically. Previously I was finding my team to be inconsistent, struggling at home to weaker teams but having it easy away to better teams and struggling to score a lot of the times. It almost felt rewarding when your team scored however now it seems a touch too easy. Since the update i'm swatting away all and sundry with ease. My striker has 12 goals in 5 games and scored 22 in 4 games (one away and 3 at home). Maybe i've just hit a streak of good luck, however it does look like a pacey advanced forward will score you the majority of your goals (again, maybe just a purple patch for my guy)
  8. Tireless Midfielder. So i guess I've just answered my own question! Thank you for the advice Fabio MVP!
  9. Uploaded with ImageShack.us Name: Marian Jung Position: MC/RM/RW/AMR/AMC Role: RM Duty: ATTACk Other additional instructions: Club: Man Utd Club's formation: What do you want from your player: I want to find his best position. My assistant says RM but I like proper wingers and my LM is a playmaker too so I need an outlet to get down the wings therefore I prefer to play him centrally. Could he be a winger? My 'proper' winger isn't that good though, fairly basic technique, quick and a decent crosser so I wouldn't mind dropping him for Jung on the wing.
  10. Uploaded with ImageShack.us] Name: Gerrit Rotteveel Position: ST/AMC Role: Target Man / Adv Play Duty: Attack / support Other additional instructions: Club: Man Utd Club's formation: Looking to rebuild Man United in the year 2031 What do you want from your player: More! I want more! He was one of my first signings and last season, his first, he scored 22 in 40 playing him up top on his own as a DLF however i'm now playing with 2 up top and I want to build the team around this chap. I currently have him as a deep lying forward with RFD set to often but he just isn't doing it in the league. He banged in a load against a dodgy Icelandic team in Europe. He's paired with a poacher.
  11. I'm currenly in 2028 with Man Utd and the Glazers and Gill are still in charge although the debt has gone I still want them out. Is there a way to force a takeover or get them to sell up? In previous games they've sold up and moved on by now. Malcolm Glazer is now 100 years old and still alive and kicking, unfortunately. On a side note as I write this Ambramovich is in the process of trying to sell Chelsea.
  12. Just a few ideas! ;-) I'd also love to see the option of loaning out a new signing and also the option of including a loanee in a tranfer deal, for example if I were Man Utd and wanted to buy Marek Hamsik from Napoli i could have the option of loaning out out of my youngsters as part of the deal. Almost like part exchange only with a loanee? The role of Chief Scout would be a good addition, too. Also more interaction with players, tell them what you expect of them as individuals at the start of the season, I'd love to be able to tell my young keeper he'll be back up but play all the cup games and a hand full of league games or my aging centre forward he will become a bit part player / impact sub. And also regarding training, I'd like to specify to my striker i'd like to see him work more on his heading or my keeper to work on his kicking. I, also, am amazed that there isn't an option to differeniated between free kick takers, i want my winger with crossing of 19 taking free kicks from crossing positions and my striker with 18 for free kicks and PPM of 'Hits Free Kicks With Power' taking them from 25-30 yards out. It would be nice to have them both stand over the free kick and then let them choose between themselves, so one could act as a decoy- leaving the defending team wondering whether 'player x' is going to hit it or 'player y' is going to cross it. Another thing I'd like to see is during a game when a player takes a knock and get's a green cross over his head, you can click on him and it'll tell you what kind of injury it is. Is it a facial injury which will need stitches or is a pulled hamstring which ideally would result in me bringing him off to stop it getting worse, or if i'm desperate I could leave him on but run the risk of making the injury worse. At the moment there is no way to tell whether it's a bruised head or a thigh strain. Also PPMs for Keepers, maybe like 'stays on goal line' or 'prefers to punch' or if he's a sweeper keeper then something like 'likes to sweep up behind his defence'. (I'm sure someone else could think of some more suitable PPMs) And one more thing, it would be good to see fans reaction to a takeover / ownership, do they bend over and take it like Liverpool and Man City or do they protest like United fans? With takeovers more and more common and some clubs having to operate with a heavy debt it would be nice to see fans reactions, do they stay away, do season ticket sales drop, if prices increase- what's their reaction, do they get angry at any refinancing, do they call for the owners to step down ultimately having a big say on the way things are run?
  13. Like many people have probably said, an option to loan back a player and also the inclusion of an option to loan a player out as part of a transfer deal, like Man Utd did with Fraizer Campbell in the Berbatov deal. I'd also like to see the possibility of talking to players over the summer about what you expect of them for the season ahead, for example if you've had to lose your star striker due to financial restrictions and can't afford to buy or can't find a replacement who fits the bill but have a decent back up stiker you could tell him you expect him to step it up. Or if your young winger had a poor season the previous season you could tell him that you expect a lot more from him. Or if one of your youngsters surprised you the season before you could tell him to carry on as he is. I think the suggestion of more interaction with your assistant is a very good idea too. Also, i'd like to see us, as managers, to be able to out line our plans for the season in a more detailed manner, for example, you could tell your board that you will use the League Cup to blood youngsters and give squad players games or if you're a mid table Premiership team you could tell them that going on a cup run is the main aim for the season. The reason for this is when I'm playing as a big club, I use the domestic cup(s) as an excuse to play youngsters and sometimes it backfires and we get knocked out. What annoys me is the fans get on your back about it instead of being a little sympathetic towards the youngsters and my reasons for playing said youngsters. Just a few thoughts..
  14. I'd quite like there to be a function that allows you to tell your board that you plan to use the league cup/FA cup as a way to play squad players and youth players, therefore lowering the boards expectation. I'd also like to be able to team talk subs, say for example if you're losing a game and you bring on a forward you could tell him to get you a goal or a defensive midfielder tell him to sure things up in midfield. And i'd like to see a change in the free kicks, for example instead of having one free kick taker maybe have a rotation function or maybe nominate players to take them from specific ranges e.g. player A to take them from the edge of the area and player B to take them from 25+ yards out. And also have a specific taker for cross free kicks and shooting free kicks. Also rotation for corner takers. I'd like to have individual player instructions instead of individual position instructions. So not much! ;-)
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