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  1. On 2018. 11. 22. at 오후 6시 53분, Jack Joyce said:

    If we could see the match code in the editor we wouldn't be asking you for a PKM. No team is 'programmed' to have kit clashes, thats not how it works. I suggest you have a read of our bug posting guidelines before raising further issues.

    As said elsewhere, you wouldn't send a repairman a picture of your broken TV and expect it to be fixed without letting them see it in person. 

    As you said, we won't be provided pkms for all issues - those will be the ones that don't get fixed. Thanks 

    I think your figure of speech is inappropriate in this situation. You have manufactured broken television initially, and send us all exactly same products. It's not broken individually at all. You could detect this issue very easily if you have played your game just a couple of seasons.

  2. 7 hours ago, Seb Wassell said:

    Jadedness is a hidden value, so I'm not going into that one.

    Match Sharpness looks mostly okay there? Did the players that are a bit lower miss some matches towards the end of the season?


    I don't think it's okay. for example, Harry Maguire plyed full time in the league, but he "Needs match sharpness before the new season" even if the season just ended a few weeks ago.

  3. 336687012_2018-11-02072701.thumb.PNG.cb88d0932f29ff306dc67ea595563955.PNG1346819045_2018-11-02072649.thumb.PNG.7c6235b94c9950a6160b3571a8cc7597.PNG1221093510_2018-11-02072643.thumb.PNG.29f722e870f526c6177f60038a8858cd.PNG


    some player's jadedness value increase much slower than that of other players regardless of their playing time. Ozil and Koscielny both played full time in december, but koscielny's JDN is 83 while Ozil's is 285. Their Natural Fitness is same 15. I don't understand what's factors have influenced in this case.

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