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  1. webzen11

    Unrealistic number of tackles

    it's like playing football with eleven nesta or maldini.
  2. webzen11

    more DFK goals plz

    I have used a perfect free kicker for entire season, but his goals from DFK is only 3~4 on average.
  3. webzen11

    Neuer does not exist

    goalkeepers rarely rushing out. they just wait in front of goal line even when they are closer to the ball than opponent's foward.
  4. here is AI's strikers, and their passing number is too small.
  5. I don't think it's okay. for example, Harry Maguire plyed full time in the league, but he "Needs match sharpness before the new season" even if the season just ended a few weeks ago.
  6. that most players are not match fit at the beginning of national match period which pro season was ended a few weeks ago(early june).
  7. webzen11

    strange jadedness value

    Here is another. Aguero played one more matches than De Bruyne in the middle of season, but Aguero's JDN is much lower than De Bruyne's.
  8. webzen11

    tackles overpowered

    even the most poor team won tackles above 87% in the league. it's very unrealistic and makes games boring.
  9. webzen11

    strange jadedness value

    yeah I have customized the skin, but JDN can be shown if In-Game Editor is activated.
  10. webzen11

    strange jadedness value

    Here is another sample. Lacazette played quite a lot matches recently, but his JDN is below zero.
  11. some player's jadedness value increase much slower than that of other players regardless of their playing time. Ozil and Koscielny both played full time in december, but koscielny's JDN is 83 while Ozil's is 285. Their Natural Fitness is same 15. I don't understand what's factors have influenced in this case.
  12. there is no award winners of 2018 world cup.